Tuesday, June 7, 2011

as easy as 1-2-3

Yesterday was a very, very productive day. Woohoo! It felt like I was already preparing for a job though I still have a year to finish my degree. Lol. So I accompanied Kathy yesterday to get an SSS number, TIN and a student permit at LTO. I also decided to get an SSS number for myself too for future use because I already have the first two. We went off around past 10am and went straight to SSS, a good decision because we have to wait for an hour to get it so we can still go to our next agenda. As we got there, the office was already full of people, but the good thing is they don’t have a noon break so the operations don’t stop.

How to get your SSS number:
1. Get an E-1 form at Window 1 and fill it up. Left and right thumbmarks are also needed.
2. Prepare beforehand a photocopy of your birth certificate so as you won’t fall on those overpricing photocopying services around the area. Only 1 copy is needed to be attached with the form upon passing.
3. Then pass it to the guard or to somebody supposed to be in charge for that.
4. Then sit and wait for your name to be called.
-then voila! You have now your SSS number. =]

Next stop: BIR

So we just decided to get back to SSS after lunch and went to BIR instead. We got there around 11:30 and finished the process in just 15 mins. woohoo!

How to get your TIN:
1. Register on their computer database upon entering (I think it’s just a logbook for every visitor)
2. Get an application for registration ( BIR Form No. 1904) and fill up accordingly. Make sure to read the instructions because there are some boxes that is only to be filled up by the BIR agent
3. A photocopy(1) of your birth certificate or any document showing name, address and birthdate of the applicant is also to be passed along with the form.
4. After filling up the form, pass it to the receiving officer in the TIN application lane.
4. then sit and wait for your name to be called.

- voila! You have your 12 digit TIN. =]

After the very fast process at BIR, we went straight to SM Bacoor to have lunch then went back to SSS to get our forms back, and then went straight ahead to LTO. A lot of people were already there when we arrived so most likely we’ll be spending more than an hour there. We finished around 3:30, so it took us more or less 2 hours to finish, not bad.

How to get a student permit:
*this would just serve as a pre guide for those who are just wondering, but LTO offices do have boards posted in their wall showing the step by step instruction for application so it’s not really that confusing.
1. Go to Window 1 to get your application form for student permit and your number to be called in the next window. You will also be asked to prepare a photocopy of your birth certificate to be passed with the application form.
2. Fill up the form accordingly and wait for your number to be called for passing of the accomplished form and photocopy of birth certificate. Then sit back and relax and wait for your name to be called. =]
3. As your name is called, next step would be the picture taking and signature. Tip: Just smile before the camera as long as it takes until the person in charge tells you it’s already time to write your signature, don’t expect for him to count 123. Hehe, I dunno if that’s always the case though.
4. Then wait for your name to be called again to pay for the fee. I forgot the exact amount, but it’s more or less 350php I think?
5. Then sit back and wait again for the last step - getting your newly printed student permit, a small piece of paper smaller in width than a ½ piece of paper. Don’t be confused when the person in the window offers you a jacket/cover for your student permit, in a size intended for a driver’s license, for 20php. I don’t know if that’s only in our place. Don’t buy it for an obvious reason; just place your permit in a proper place, besides it would only be effective for 3 months (as what I can remember).

So that’s it, I feel accomplished. Haha! I hope this would be a help for others out there.

Disclaimer: The following steps stated above may vary on other cities or may change in some circumstances. I'm in Cavite so particularly in Imus and Bacoor branches.

PS: we only did cash out for the “student permit” section, no cash required in getting an SSS number or TIN. Thank you. =]

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