Thursday, December 30, 2010

free tix!

Went to Eastwood last night to claim the 2 "Dalaw" tickets that I won from Eastwood Cinema! =] Original plan for that day was just hangout at Gateway but just in time, I received the tweet of @eastwoodmall on twitter about the winners that includes my username!1st time ever! and is it just coincidental or what? coz we were supposed to watch the day before but then it was cancelled. *badtrip* But anywayyyy, God gave me an answer! =] They're giving away 200+ pairs of tix so I don't consider myself that super lucky. hoho.
So I first went to Gateway to meet up with Cheyz then we decided to go to Cubao Expo to kill time coz we still have to wait till 4pm for the claiming of tix. This would be my first time to go there and only a few stores were open. =/
The Reading Room - the only store, among those open, that caught our attention. I think I've saw them before somewhere in the internet. They sell different stuffs, ranging from accessories, some clothes and other unique finds.
some of the notebooks that they sell. They also have nice pens and some cute and unique rings (starting at 20php)
a lot of post-its and notepads in various shapes and sizes can also be found there.
they're also a reseller of "Relax, puso lang yan, malayo sa bituka" planners.
After strolling around the vicinity, we then went to Eastwood afterwards. We arrived around 4.30pm and the next showtime is still at 6.10pm so Bowling time! again. =] Paeng's Eastwood Bowl and Billiards Room is just in front of the city walk cinema, same level.
I think they have around 20 lanes and a number of billiard tables. They also have a room for the smokers and a snack bar inside.The rates are: 100php(opening-5pm)/120php(5pm onwards)/130(weekends/holidays) and 30php for the shoe rental. You don't leave your shoes on the counter unlike in MOA.
I won again! haha! a little more practice makaka-100 din ako.! =]
IMO, I prefer the facilities in moa (comfier seats, lightings, etc.) but nonetheless, we still had fun! =] I heard they do disco nights and also have glow-in-the-dark bowling balls and lanes but too bad we didn't get to experience it coz we're there too early.
We went in around 6pm and movie ended around 8pm. This is my first time watching at Eastwood city walk cinema and obviously it looks good. They have a nice carpeted lobby with some comfy sofas where you can sit around while waiting for the movies. A number of food stalls are also located near it. The chairs inside the cinema were also nice, there's enough space and the back of the chair can be moved/pushed if you need to stretch a bit. Regarding the movie, (*spoilers?*) "Dalaw" has a twist on it's storyline, coz surely you won't correctly get at first the real deal regarding the spirit haunting them. And the ending was a bit disappointing, for us though. It's also a horror/suspense movie with a bit of comedy (hint: Gina PareƱo's lines) . haha! As for me, being a fan of asian horror movies, the "gulat" factor is 6/10 or 5, I base this rate on how often I avoid looking directly on the screen. hehe!
a statue or a man in costume? =]
Christmas in Eastwood!
We're back on Cubao around 8.30pm, we passed by Cubao Expo again hoping the other stores are now open. But we arrived on people hanging out in the restaurant/bars inside the vicinity and all the stores closed. ok. in short "inuman time" in the place and "uwian time" na for us. hehe..I'll be going back there next time for sure.


I just got my 1st retainers today! Hello to my "metal-wrapped" teeth! nyaa!
I've always wondered how it feels to have those metal on your teeth. And it just so happens that my two front teeth is not aligned with others. Papansin kasi sila. lol. It grows in a way like Bugs Bunny. haha! And the dentist even recommended me to get braces instead. But I don't have any plans on getting those because first ,I heard it hurts a lot at first. A LOT. And second, it costs too much! Around 40k+? Not practical.

The process of fitting weirded me out. haha! They use a metal formed in an arch shape. Then they fill it with a mixture like the plaster of paris that hardens in a while. Hindi ko pa din ma-imagine on how that big metal was placed in my mouth. haha! A size of a boxer's mouthpiece or even bigger than that was left in my mouth in a minute or two as it dries. And for that long, nagpipigil ako lumunok. brr. Tapos another round for the lower teeth. It doesn't taste bad or anything so ok lang. My dentist even said that it's in a mint flavor. So after 2 days it was already made and I'll just have to come back if it's already loose.

So now I'm having a hard time to eat because the food stucks and the metal in the sides blocks in the way so it always feels like I'm chewing it too. tss. I think ito na ang magiging reason for me to lose weight. haha! Goodluck to my media noche! lol

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

moa trip

Yesterday, I got to go out again since the start of our Christmas vacation. I met with my friend @ Glorietta and decided to go bowling but then there's no bowling center at Glorietta. psh. We thought of going to Eastwood instead but it's too far and for sure there's heavy traffic so we just ended up going to MOA.

This would be my 3rd time. suki na ako. haha! We waited for a while coz there's a company party going on when we arrived. We played 1 game each. They have fixed price at 170 (140/game + 30 for the shoes) unlike before that during weekdays and off-peak hours (10-5pm), it's 110/game +30. I think this will be fixed until the 1st week of Jan. next yr., I guess.

the shoes...

what a score?! but then I ended up winning! haha! 2 strikes in the last part.

They also have 9 billiard tables to play on (225/hr on off peak and 285/hr during peak hrs/weekends/holidays)

One more thing I love here. You can sit in one of their couches while watching the bowlers. One thing to do at MOA when you're out of budget. =]

After the game, we headed off to Timezone which is just beside the bowling center.

We stayed and sang for a while in one of the rooms then played after. One of my fave game was the "hit-the-screen-with-balls" game. huh?? lol. I surely have to warm up first before playing that game coz I always end up getting an aching arms. haha! And I finally got to play that "o2jam-like-touch-screen" game! coz there's always someone playing. haha! Fortunately there's no other people watching coz I seriously failed, and didn't even reached the 3rd song. haha! It's too confusing, maybe next time.
4 days to go before Christmas! =]

Friday, December 17, 2010


Finally! I have my own manual calculator!!! haha! big deal? lol. for an accountancy student like me? opkors! haha!

This is one of the things I wrote in my wishlist for our section's Christmas party. 1 step for that CPA goal. lalala. haha! (wth, excited ako? ako na mababaw. lol) And I also got a papemelrotti planner, so I don't need to buy one anymore.

From the time I entered college, buying gifts for my friends was gone in my list coz I only buy for the exchange gifts. So I really don't get to open many gifts on Christmas day coz they already know I' m not giving one. haha! But back then in highschool, I used to bring an extra big paperbag full of gifts to give to my friends. haha! I miss those things! Maybe I'll do that again when I'm working already because I'm very short in budget. =]

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

At the beginning

So this is my first post, technically, coz my first post was pre-written before this new spot existed in the WWW. oyea! ako na excited? lol. This would then be my 5th blog all in all (1 from Xanga and 3 here on blogspot) since I discovered this blog thing back in my highschoool days. I stopped for a lot of times coz I get bored in the long run. I was just inspired again after reading the blog of Saab M. and so I also thought of chronicling my life again coz I'm about to graduate already in a year or so. woohoo! XD

K. So generally this blog would contain my adventures in life and some personal thought or just some memorable days to record. lalalala

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Quadri-rosary event

We had the Q-rosary event today for the celebration of the Feast day of the Immaculate Conception of Mama Mary. This holy and historic event was done in line with the Quadricentennial festivities that will take place as the Thomasians celebrate the 400th year of the Royal, Pontifical and Catholic University of Santo Tomas (oha! kumpleto, haha!). Around 20k+ people from the Thomasian community participated in this event. The community also aims to make it to the Guiness book of world records as the "largest human living rosary" to be formed. We formed the rosary around the campus with the cross formed at the Benavides monument in front of the Main Building, while the word "Ave Maria" formed at the field.

I arrived at UST early for our thesis so lucky for me that I wasn't caught up on the traffic on the way according to my classmate. We started to go to our designated beads around 2pm. While waiting, the marshalls gave away bottled water and "UST popcorn" from Chef Tony's that didn't reached us. haha! (thanks to our law prof that handed the popcorns to us after her class. wee! =]). Then around 3:45 we started the prayer with having a gospel and reading read after each mystery. It ended around 4:40 and a Holy Mass was celebrated at the Plaza Mayor afterwards.
UST @ night