Tuesday, December 21, 2010

moa trip

Yesterday, I got to go out again since the start of our Christmas vacation. I met with my friend @ Glorietta and decided to go bowling but then there's no bowling center at Glorietta. psh. We thought of going to Eastwood instead but it's too far and for sure there's heavy traffic so we just ended up going to MOA.

This would be my 3rd time. suki na ako. haha! We waited for a while coz there's a company party going on when we arrived. We played 1 game each. They have fixed price at 170 (140/game + 30 for the shoes) unlike before that during weekdays and off-peak hours (10-5pm), it's 110/game +30. I think this will be fixed until the 1st week of Jan. next yr., I guess.

the shoes...

what a score?! but then I ended up winning! haha! 2 strikes in the last part.

They also have 9 billiard tables to play on (225/hr on off peak and 285/hr during peak hrs/weekends/holidays)

One more thing I love here. You can sit in one of their couches while watching the bowlers. One thing to do at MOA when you're out of budget. =]

After the game, we headed off to Timezone which is just beside the bowling center.

We stayed and sang for a while in one of the rooms then played after. One of my fave game was the "hit-the-screen-with-balls" game. huh?? lol. I surely have to warm up first before playing that game coz I always end up getting an aching arms. haha! And I finally got to play that "o2jam-like-touch-screen" game! coz there's always someone playing. haha! Fortunately there's no other people watching coz I seriously failed, and didn't even reached the 3rd song. haha! It's too confusing, maybe next time.
4 days to go before Christmas! =]

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