Friday, December 17, 2010


Finally! I have my own manual calculator!!! haha! big deal? lol. for an accountancy student like me? opkors! haha!

This is one of the things I wrote in my wishlist for our section's Christmas party. 1 step for that CPA goal. lalala. haha! (wth, excited ako? ako na mababaw. lol) And I also got a papemelrotti planner, so I don't need to buy one anymore.

From the time I entered college, buying gifts for my friends was gone in my list coz I only buy for the exchange gifts. So I really don't get to open many gifts on Christmas day coz they already know I' m not giving one. haha! But back then in highschool, I used to bring an extra big paperbag full of gifts to give to my friends. haha! I miss those things! Maybe I'll do that again when I'm working already because I'm very short in budget. =]

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