Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pottermore Beta

Finally had a time with my blog. Grabe! Next week’s our FINALS week and we still had 2-3 topics yet to be discussed on our AudProbs class. K.
Currently, Pedring already flew with his “mahangin” attitude away from our country, finally! It caused so much problems, most especilally to those near the ocean. How bad of him to destroy the Baywalk area. Siya na malakas! Tss. We’re just so blessed here in Bacoor, Cavite because we don’t experience flood in our area. Thank God! Maybe because God knows I can’t swim that’s why He don’t let us experience. =] And then I wonder what those people living in the streets do whenever there are strong typhoons like this. Super lamig na kahit nasa loob lang ng bahay, how much more sila diba? Nyaaaaaaaa. Let’s pray for them.

So because of Pedring, classes were suspended for two days straight. And I’m super productive for that two free days because I finished a lot of tasks. Yey! I’ve done my part for our project + AudProbs homework + reviewed  Advacc for an upcoming quiz. I’ve also finally finished my article for my application on I submitted my form way back in August pa, and ngayon ko lang naasikaso because wala naman daw deadline. So I really don’t expect that much. Haha! Besides, it really takes time for me to write about a topic I’m not into. Frustrated writer lang. =/

Anyway, this post was really intended for my Pottermore experience but then, nadala ako sa “recap” part of this post. Hehe. After waiting for so many days, I finally received my Pottermore mail last last September 10, but I only fully played it just now. I don’t know how to start with my experience without spoiling the coolness of Pottermore, so bahala na. Haha! PS. I can't help to post photos. Need some spoilers? =].

 My own bank account at Gringotts! =]

The Hogwarts' list of things to buy:

The Sorting ceremony is done using 7 questions: 

The graphics of the site was the thing I like the most. It looked real enough for  someone to get the feel of the story. It got a lot of extra scoops straight from JK Rowling. This Pottermore experience is exactly a supplement for those who have read the whole series. It’s like scanning every chapter but with added notes and “stories” behind the actual story. Pottermore just blatantly justified how wide Rowling’s imagination is. I can’t imagine her writing another fiction after this very much successful  series. She made the world of Harry Potter, with everything from the smallest details, come to life. She made a lot of people wish that Hogwarts is true and flying on broomsticks is the most awesome thing to do. That Quidditch should be an official sport and that having a ¾ station entrance would be nice. Imgaine that? Hands down talaga! No questions asked.
Things to look out for:
  • Buying your school stuffs and pet  at Diagon Alley
  • Getting a wand. They have this process so Olivander would know which wand will choose you. =]
  • Getting sorted! Just be true to yourself and you’ll be sorted on the right house. =]
  • Brewing your first potion.
  • Casting spells. (You can have a duel with others, but haven’t tried it yet)
  • Real time house points.
  • Plus a LOT more things to find and discover every chapter.
Note: Don’t forget to zoom in (double-click) so you won’t miss things. *wink*

I got a Solid 13 and 3/4inch Hornbeam with Phoenix feather core wand. Having a rare Phoenix feather in my wand is an honor. Yeee! Haha.

I got sorted into Hufflepuff. Once you got sorted, there’s no turning back. Though I originally wanted to be in Ravenclaw, I think Hufflepuff is really the closest house suited for me. =]

uh-huh! THIS! =]

My first ever potion.

Made the most out of my free day because for sure on October, the site’s traffic would be much much higher because it will now be open to all. I hope Pottermore read all feedback from the Beta users, there’s still some glitches but I didn’t saw some major ones though. Some parts were lacking some features that could add to the whole experience. Nevertheless, I’m very thankful for Pottermore for this won’t let us Potterheads miss the magical world of Harry. Thank you Sony and most especially to J.K. Rowling who never failed to make her fans want more. *clap* * clap*. Feel free to add me at Pottermore! My UN's:  CharmCloak144.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


This past few days I've been into musical movies. First on the list is, "Lemonade Mouth", a Disney movie which I just heard and copied from my friend's laptop (I already got my hard drive filled with dozens of movie which I don't even  know when I can finish watching. haha!). It's about five highschool students who have each of their own issues in life.

The story:
It started in a one normal day where they each got detention slips. This detention slips was the key for them to meet each other for the first time in the basement where detention hall is, together with other non-sports related clubs. Then after some moment while they were cleaning stuffs for detention, they got into beat and suddenly realized they can jive into music. The teacher who’s in charge of them, and who is incidentally a former music club head, heard it and thought that it would great if they'd form a band and let the school's director realize that there's more than sports and cheerleading that matters. But they all think it's not their interest not until Stella, a girl with angst who’s into freedom of speech and equality, who forced everyone to give the idea of a "band" a chance. And then after realizing they got it, a nobody like them in the past started to become a somebody.

This movie made me miss highschool, back with my bandmates. I think that's one of the best things I had in highschool. Anything about music interests me; it's like something I'll be living with, in my whole life. Hehe. It's kilig whenever I see the characters in movies snap their fingers and tap in a beat then in a sudden they would be starting to sing and make music. So gooooood. FUN. =]

I have also just recently seen the movie adaptation of the well known Broadway musical, Rent. I got more interested to it when my friend gave me a background about it plus how it became a tribute for Jonathan Larson (who died of an aortic aneurysm before the movie went out on the cinemas). And I never knew, not till now, that one of my all time favorite song "Seasons of Love" became famous because of this movie. Hindi ako informed. Haha! And another good thing about the movie was that 6 out of 8 original cast member went back to do the lead roles. Cool! Dedicated talaga sila. I super enjoyed every song number. I wonder how it's like when someone suddenly breaks into a song while riding the MRT. Haha! It didn't bore me that much even though some of the songs were too long and the setting was a bit dark. It's a good eye opener flick because it tackled a lot of social issues, mostly from the 80's. Too bad I have to forward some scenes because I still have classes that day.

Next on my list would be reality shows like "Platinum Hit" and "The Voice" (I'm starting to have a HUGE crush on Adam Levine. haha!) But not until I get a time for those. October please be near, gusto ko na ng sembreak! XD

*googled photos. ctto.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lip Ice

Yesterday I didn't go to my "OJT" because I was already starting to lose interest or in other words, tinatamad. I'm just counting the days till September ends to have at least 3 months on record. Wake me up when September ends nga daw. Haha! Well to begin with, it's not even a requirement so wala lang talaga kami magawa on our MWF school-free days. It's pure public service because we're on a government department. We're one of those unsung heroes of our country. Chos!

So anyway, I was supposed to watch movies after doing some school works, but I ended up doing school works the whole day till afternoon. Tss. Blame AudProbs. And I also helped mama in planning for our Singapore trip on our sem break, which I think do only have 50% possibility of happening.

That night I also went to SM to search for something I've seen on Candymag.

The Lip Ice.

I've been very curious given that it's a menthol lip balm kind of thing according to Candy. And I love anything menthol, I just can imagine how it feels on the lips. Hehe. I'm not like the usual girls in my age that are into beauty products, I can't even imagine myself being interested to make-up. See how I give a big deal in me buying a simple lip balm? Lol. I don't use anything even the basics like face powder. My mother even has to force me to regularly use a facial wash because I can't see the difference with me using soap. Nyaha! But yea, ok, I kind of know just because soap can dry your skin. I don't like the idea of lipstick in my lips mixing with my food or tasting it accidentally. I'm naive. Sorry. But wait, I recently use oil blotters, does that even count?

I've found this at Watsons. I was supposed to get the Lip Ice Sheer Color but they didn't have it. I even spent a couple of minutes in front of the rack choosing which I flavor I'd get. Haha! Ended up with a safe choice, strawberry. When I went home, I immediately looked up on teentalk thread about lip products and all I mostly read was the brand Carmex, EOS, Lip Smackers and Blistex which I also saw and considered at Watsons, but no Lip Ice. I almost thought that it's not a good brand not till I googled it and saw this: link. Whew!

My take:

- it's not too waxy, which is good. I don't want a greasy feel like when you eat lechon.
- the menthol part! It kind of disappointed me, a bit. It's not that menthol to the max. huh? haha!  Because I expected something like it would tingle my lips for a longer time after applying, but it's not. Choosy ako. Haha! Kasi naman sabi Lip "ICE", you know, the "icy" feeling? Hehe. But it's there.And I just recently realized that it will have an icier effect if you would apply more and while you are in a cold place. =]
- It definitely smells sooo good! Hehe. The strawberry smells like a bit like the "Lips" candy. One of the reason why I'm getting fond in using it. Haha! Because I don't need it too much because I seldom getchappy lips.
- it doesn't have a taste, so it doesn't bother me when I incidentally lick my lips. But I think it would be better if it made up with its sweet smell. hehe. Pero baka toxic naman.

Next time, I'd try the Lip Smackers. I've read that it do have various flavors. Or maybe next time, I'll just buy a menthol candy. Lol.