Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lip Ice

Yesterday I didn't go to my "OJT" because I was already starting to lose interest or in other words, tinatamad. I'm just counting the days till September ends to have at least 3 months on record. Wake me up when September ends nga daw. Haha! Well to begin with, it's not even a requirement so wala lang talaga kami magawa on our MWF school-free days. It's pure public service because we're on a government department. We're one of those unsung heroes of our country. Chos!

So anyway, I was supposed to watch movies after doing some school works, but I ended up doing school works the whole day till afternoon. Tss. Blame AudProbs. And I also helped mama in planning for our Singapore trip on our sem break, which I think do only have 50% possibility of happening.

That night I also went to SM to search for something I've seen on Candymag.

The Lip Ice.

I've been very curious given that it's a menthol lip balm kind of thing according to Candy. And I love anything menthol, I just can imagine how it feels on the lips. Hehe. I'm not like the usual girls in my age that are into beauty products, I can't even imagine myself being interested to make-up. See how I give a big deal in me buying a simple lip balm? Lol. I don't use anything even the basics like face powder. My mother even has to force me to regularly use a facial wash because I can't see the difference with me using soap. Nyaha! But yea, ok, I kind of know just because soap can dry your skin. I don't like the idea of lipstick in my lips mixing with my food or tasting it accidentally. I'm naive. Sorry. But wait, I recently use oil blotters, does that even count?

I've found this at Watsons. I was supposed to get the Lip Ice Sheer Color but they didn't have it. I even spent a couple of minutes in front of the rack choosing which I flavor I'd get. Haha! Ended up with a safe choice, strawberry. When I went home, I immediately looked up on teentalk thread about lip products and all I mostly read was the brand Carmex, EOS, Lip Smackers and Blistex which I also saw and considered at Watsons, but no Lip Ice. I almost thought that it's not a good brand not till I googled it and saw this: link. Whew!

My take:

- it's not too waxy, which is good. I don't want a greasy feel like when you eat lechon.
- the menthol part! It kind of disappointed me, a bit. It's not that menthol to the max. huh? haha!  Because I expected something like it would tingle my lips for a longer time after applying, but it's not. Choosy ako. Haha! Kasi naman sabi Lip "ICE", you know, the "icy" feeling? Hehe. But it's there.And I just recently realized that it will have an icier effect if you would apply more and while you are in a cold place. =]
- It definitely smells sooo good! Hehe. The strawberry smells like a bit like the "Lips" candy. One of the reason why I'm getting fond in using it. Haha! Because I don't need it too much because I seldom getchappy lips.
- it doesn't have a taste, so it doesn't bother me when I incidentally lick my lips. But I think it would be better if it made up with its sweet smell. hehe. Pero baka toxic naman.

Next time, I'd try the Lip Smackers. I've read that it do have various flavors. Or maybe next time, I'll just buy a menthol candy. Lol.

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