Saturday, August 27, 2011

Chic-Boy experience

For some, the long weekend starts now while in my case I still have to attend my Saturday class before anything else. I was even 15minutes late for this 1hr class because I was hoping for an announcement that classes would be suspended because of the storm Mina. Hehe. So after class we decided to eat at Chic-Boy because we still haven't tried it yet and because it's my pre-bday celebration blowout. Good thing I always have my ATM card with me because my money at that time was just enough to bring me back home to Cavite. Haha! And yea, it's my birthday tomorrow! Last day of being a teen today! =|

Chic-Boy Espanya is only a few blocks away from UST. When we got there the 1st floor was already full and limited seats left upstairs. We ordered 3 Chiquito meals (pork barbecue and paa) and 1 Chibog-Busog meal (Inihaw na Liempo) which comes with unlimited rice in case we want extra rice. Hehe. We waited for about 15-20 mins. but it's not that long if you're with a good company. =] The place is full of UST students mostly from Engineering. Dianne was even searching for a potential crush while we were waiting for they were seeing a lot around. Haha! After a few minutes our meals were served. They also have those 3 condiments (soy sauce/ vinegar/ chicken oil) like in Mang Inasal. The Chiquito meal was good enough. I had the leg part which was very tasty though there's this "elastic band" (litid?) that makes it hard to slice some of the meat but still it was a thumb up. The rice serving was also big enough for the chicken. Their barbecue was also bigger than others while the Inihaw na Liempo was as big as what their picture in the menu depicts which is a very good thing. Too bad I don't have my camera to show it better. All in all, it was a good first time experience! The ventilation was also good enough to accommodate full packed room. Dianne. Fides and Gem were even already planning to go back there next Saturday not just because of the food but because of the Eng students. Lol.

After eating, we decided to try out the Rockband place at Morayta in front of FEU. It was already been a habit for us every Saturday to play Rockband because we're addicted like that. Haha! It's easy to find because there's a huge sign and a LED signboard above. As we went up, the walls were painted with graffiti like we we're entering an underground basement just like in action movies were the drug dealers go. Haha! Ok, enough of the imagination. A few stairs up, a large tarpaulin with a rockband sign all over it was sticked to the wall on the second floor. Like those you see at birthday parties and events where you can pose with it as a background. And you'll get the point why there's like that when you finally see the entrance of the shop/studio. What even made us laugh was the set up of their entrance. From the outside, you'll think that there's a party happening inside, if it's not with the sign we'll think that we're on the wrong place. Haha! There were even these huge flaps of plastic hanging in the entrance like those you see in the meat section of the supermarket leading to their freezer room. The place looks like the one we go often at Lacson because they also have computer rentals with wide screens. 1hr studio rental was also for 250php complete with 2 wireless guitar, drum, keys and a mic. The studio there was also a lot bigger that even 10 persons would fit there with enough space left. Their music library was a hit; it was already updated with songs ranging from Lady Gaga's Born this way to Bruno Mars' Grenade. Too cool! Haha! We are only four in all so imagine how tired we were after. My thighs were already hurting from the constant pedal on the drum while my thumb is tired from strumming on the guitar. But it was super duper fun! A very nice day to end my teenage years! =]

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