Saturday, August 25, 2012

How to apply for the CPA board exam

October is fast approaching and next thing I know I'm already seated on a chair wracking my brains out while answering the problems in the CPA board exam. This is it! So earlier after lunch we decided now to brave the heat and snaky lines at the PRC to apply and secure an exam permit.

It's better if you have someone you know who's already done with the filing so you won't get lost in the process. You just can't easily knock off the impression that employees in gov't offices aren't friendly enough, or in other words "masungit". So ask at your own risk. Hehe. The instructions are written in a small bond paper posted in the walls of the room where you do the 1st step. And that is on the 5th floor. I haven't even seen any posted directions on the 1st floor so you'll spend some time wandering first if you don't know where to start, definitely a waste of time. So here's another public service post to help you in applying for the CPA board exam! You're welcome! =]

So here's a summary of the steps we did.

How to apply for the CPA board exam:

STEP 1. Go up to the 5th floor and you'll see the auditorium transformed into a processing room. Look for the table where you will submit an ID picture with nametag. Just leave your ID pic in the labeled box there and proceed to step 2.

** in case you still haven't done the online application, you can line up on the computers there to fill up the online form. Get it done first before passing any of your requirements. So it is ADVISABLE to do the ONLINE APPLICATION BEFORE GOING TO PRC to save time.

STEP 2. If you're done with the online application. Line up on the pre-assessment table. Pass all the required documents (original and photocopy) to them and they will staple together the photocopied ones and return to you the original. You will be given a card to be filled up with your personal details. Here you will need another ID picture to be glued in it. So don't forget to BRING GLUE. Fill it out while waiting for step 3.

STEP 3. Wait for your name to be called just beside the pre-assessment table where there are computers and printers. They will give you a printed form of your application form with the details you gave online. It will be given to you stapled with the other photocopied documents you just passed earlier.

STEP 4. Go down to the cashier on the 4th or 3rd floor. Present the printed application form given earlier and pay P900 for the examination fee.

STEP 5. Go down again going to the customer service window at the 1st floor near the entrance gate to buy a P15 doc stamp worth P21. Hulaan mo na lang ang P6 na sobra kung saan napunta. Hah. Prepare exact money if you may. Present your application form upon paying and they will be the one to stick the doc stamp in it. ooh! P6 para sa pagdikit nila. Really.

**For documents that needs a stamp of your right thumbmark, you may use the stamp pads on the customer service area or on the sidetables on the application area.

STEP 6. Last step. Window 11. Application/Issuance. This is located at the ground floor, left side. Basta puno ng tao yun na yun. =] Make sure you're lined up in the right window. This is the longest but still manageable line we had during the whole process. You just present your application form, card and receipt in the window. Then you're receipt will be given back now stapled with a paper that holds your future. Chos! This is your Notice of Admission. Bring these with you on the first day of the examination. This will serve as your permit so hold on to it with your dear life. Haha!

Then it's time to step out and breathe in the polluted air of Morayta while shouting 'success!'. Hehe. Et voilĂ ! Everything's done and now you're "conditionally approved" to take the CPA board exam. Yey!

We went there past 1pm and finished the whole process in approx. 1hr and 15 mins. Not bad, right? So I guess try your luck on a Friday afternoon.

God Bless us all! =]

  •  4 pcs passport-sized picture, white background and with fullname tag
  • NSO certified birth certificate (original and photocopy)
  • NBI clearance
  • Transcript of records WITH REMARKS “FOR BOARD EXAMINATION PURPOSES ONLY” (original and photocopy)
  • Cedula

** you can also opt to pay your cedula at PRC. It's available on the window just alongside the courier service. You'll see it upon entering the gate because it got long lines most of the time. So still better to get one beforehand.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Toy Conference 2012

One more reaon to go to MOA area that day is for the 1st every Toy Expo happening at SMX just behind the SM Arena. It's their first day today so luck us we get to roam around with less people plus more photo ops. hehe. It's not as big as the Toy Con held annually but still it's perfect for the kids at heart like me. =]

It occupied 2 halls and showcased some known brands and characters like Hello Kitty, Spongebob, Lego, Transformers, Marvel Heroes and more. There's also this iZone booth there where you can try out some latest game consoles like Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360. It runs till Sunday, August 25, 2012. So go and visit and have fun rekindling your love for toys and anything fun! =]

Here are some of the photos I took from the event:

UAAP @ MOA Arena (ust vs feu)

So for so many weeks, I’ve been meaning to blog , I still got none. Err. Boo. My laptop’s busted again and I lost my almost full 320GB HDD full of movies/photos/music/and everything I need in my life. Chos! Bitter lang, too hard to move on. haha! Anyway enough of my corny drama and let’s thank the clouds above (huh?) that I regained my drive to blog again. =]

I just got home from the UST vs FEU game held at MOA Arena. It's the start of the 2nd round of games and the Tigers are leading! 6-1! Rawr! Ansabe? lol. I went straight to the PC as soon as I got home so there would be no other means for me to procrastinate on my blog. hihi. Kahit na kailangan ko na mag-review! Hoho. Anyway, it was my first time to watch at the Arena, and also my first time to seat at the lower box so imagine my excitement right there. Haha! So in case you wanna know, UST lost in today’s game. Sad. I thought this time I would be able to watch a winning game. But then, Sorry fellow tigers, I guess I really shouldn’t be watching games live.  Hihi. But whatever! Nevertheless, I enjoyed watching the game. Thanks to YJ who never ceases to pump up the crowd's energy! As what I’ve tweeted earlier: (even though we lost) Panalo naman sa cheering and school spirit and UST crowd!. So kebs. =] #WeStillBelieve

I don’t have a future in sports writing so I’d rather just post some lame photos I have from the game. =]

 Rawr! =]

 The mighty, mighty YJs! =] Best in PR yan si Kuya YJ nung game. hehe

 #WeStillBelieve =]

Next post album: Toy Con.

Congrats FEU! =]