Thursday, August 23, 2012

UAAP @ MOA Arena (ust vs feu)

So for so many weeks, I’ve been meaning to blog , I still got none. Err. Boo. My laptop’s busted again and I lost my almost full 320GB HDD full of movies/photos/music/and everything I need in my life. Chos! Bitter lang, too hard to move on. haha! Anyway enough of my corny drama and let’s thank the clouds above (huh?) that I regained my drive to blog again. =]

I just got home from the UST vs FEU game held at MOA Arena. It's the start of the 2nd round of games and the Tigers are leading! 6-1! Rawr! Ansabe? lol. I went straight to the PC as soon as I got home so there would be no other means for me to procrastinate on my blog. hihi. Kahit na kailangan ko na mag-review! Hoho. Anyway, it was my first time to watch at the Arena, and also my first time to seat at the lower box so imagine my excitement right there. Haha! So in case you wanna know, UST lost in today’s game. Sad. I thought this time I would be able to watch a winning game. But then, Sorry fellow tigers, I guess I really shouldn’t be watching games live.  Hihi. But whatever! Nevertheless, I enjoyed watching the game. Thanks to YJ who never ceases to pump up the crowd's energy! As what I’ve tweeted earlier: (even though we lost) Panalo naman sa cheering and school spirit and UST crowd!. So kebs. =] #WeStillBelieve

I don’t have a future in sports writing so I’d rather just post some lame photos I have from the game. =]

 Rawr! =]

 The mighty, mighty YJs! =] Best in PR yan si Kuya YJ nung game. hehe

 #WeStillBelieve =]

Next post album: Toy Con.

Congrats FEU! =]

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