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Cinemalaya 2012

Cinemalaya is now on it's 8th year in Full Force with 25 new films in store for movie lovers. The films showcased in this year were more diverse, more genres are offered as I noticed while scanning on their synopses. They also expanded this year with Trinoma cinemas as an addition on the venues of the festival. Hooray for Pinoy indie films reaching out to more audience. =]  It would now be my 4th year this year attending the festival, and it just gets better and better to see more people attending and supporting Pinoy films. =] If only it wasn't for our preboards last weekend, I might have seen at least 80% of the films this year. But anyway, I got to sneak out some time out of review to watch one with my friends last Wednesday. CCP was full packed even in a weekday, wow. Cheers!


Another exceptional story from The Eros Atalia. =] 

Basically, the story revolved around Intoy and his childhood friends. Reality bites, problems arises from each of them as the story unfolds. First, Intoy was left by his cheating mother after her father drowned himself on liquor after catching his wife cheating on him. He then eventually died that same night as he loss his balance and drowned. Intoy also almost lost his sense and decided to drown himself too to escape reality, but thanks to one of their neighbors who even offered to be his guardian from that day on. His friends were also there to be of comfort and make him realize his craziness. Aww... =] On the other hand, Doray, Intoy's childhood crush is also left with her two sisters who she sends off to school. School starts soon, thus she was forced to get any job that would get them by. At first she got herself a job in a local club but then after realizing how small their salary was, she is then forced to get to the risky life of prostitution after hearing about it from one of her ex-colleague at work. Even though most of the time she was just just given a bag full of fish, she still gets to make money out of it by selling it in the market. Intoy religiously goes to Doray's house to give her a portion of what he gets to fish out on a day. After knowing from his friends what Doray was into now, Intoy doubles his effort in work in hope that one day he could take Doray away with him from Kalye Marino.

It’s a one complete story. My friends do also did agree with me on this. Though as the story progress, it gets too hard to grasp at times when the scene is just too much that you just want to hug the character or shout “why??!”. Like why did Yeye’s father have to die when he’s now in college to be on board with her father as soon as possible? Why did it took long for Bertong Baka to decide to leave away from his sabungerong uncle. And why does Doray have to keep on with his “job”when Intoy willingly helps them every day. Huh. Affected much? Lol. But good thing Intoy’s humorous friends love to crack jokes that makes thing lighter. The film gave a roundup of some of the issues that some Filipinos do really go through in life. Overall it was moving, it just let’s you see the other side most especially for those who were well off from the start that doesn’t know how to appreciate things in life.And btw, kudos to JM de Guzman and LJ Reyes who did good with their lead roles. And also Joross Gamboa who was so natural with his character, I love his banats. haha!

And yesterday I got time to go to CCP again with my friend, we were supposed to watch whole day but then we got there around 12pm and 9pm shows were already sold out and we even did long in the ticket counter for every film we choose were sold out already. Sad. But anyway, we still snagged up some tickets for 3 films.

KALAYAAN (Wildlife)

Honestly it bored me for the most. Slow paced movie and me are just not meant to be. Basically, the movie title was derived from the location which is Kalayaan Island aka. Spratly’s. The beginning was just disturbing enough for me. It involved a mermaid and a soldier in water in the dark. And Igot not intention to get on the detail, so moving on… =] This is how I see most of the indie movies. Less talk more on imagination. Though I didn’t liked it that  much, I still find the story appealing. The film focused on Julian, a soldier stationed alone in one of the islands. It showed the daily routine of a lonesome soldier who gets by everyday only with his radio,  tv and his R-rated cd. And now you know what happens next.

After the movie, the director was called upstage to answer some questions. So I got to know that the film was based on the interviews he had done from the soldiers in Honda Bay. Like the mermaid and sound of soldiers marching in the night that according to him was a tale on the island from some of the soldiers who’ve stationed there already. After hearing what the director’s behind the scene story, I got to appreciate the film more and besides it’s my first to see one about the life of those soldiers who get assigned on jobs like this. One thing is still stuck in my mind though, I’m still curious if the basketball game between the Vietnamese and Filipino was true. Because Zanjoe’s character talked about it in the film, about some Vietnamese  inviting the Filipino soldiers for a friendly basketball game and they got drunk after and when the Filipino soldiers woke up guns were pointed on them and they were forced to stay on the other island. Hmm… someone answer me please?  


When Paulino Mungcal and his co-worker in a lahar-filled quarry unexpectedly dig up the remains of his 2-year daughter Marikit, they discover that she showed no signs of decay. Could this be a miracle, and could she — despite death – cure the sick? Inspired by whatever healing power the deceased child may have, Pol asks the church to declare her a saint. But how, when her resurgence stirs up emotions buried by time, and shores up questions about pure love, guilt, sin andsalvation?- Emmanuel Quindo Palo

Since Pol found her daughter's corpse still intact and preserved in it's casket from the ruins of lahar countless of people started to visit their home as he placed the remains in their home  for a lot of people started to believe that it got some miraculous act.. Even the governor's wife was there to attest and support Pol on making her daughter Marikit a saint/ but religious leaders don't agree, explains that there's a process and their evidences were not enough.

There are a lot of issues in this film that will challenge your beliefs. The theme was religion with politics in the side.  The director was also there yesterday for a Q&A portion in the full-packed main theatre. The climax part was the one that moved me a lot. Mabel suddenly droppedthe casket while running to Pol’s Lola who suddenly passed out in the latter part of the film as they witness Pol nailed on the cross as a personal sacrifice for his sins. The glass closing of the casket then broke and all of a sudden the preserved body vanished as the gush of the wind blew the remains just like a sand. It’s just a very nice depiction of the closure that everyone had to have at last. 


The last one we watched for the night. Twisted. ‘nuff said.
 The movie was set in a day following the life of Jess, a delinquent who snatches phones for a living and to help his mother and brother get though life. But then came this day where his latest victim, Grace a call center agent would be the match that would turn his day into something that would mark another life for him after being captured by the police. This one day turned out to be a day of revelations of reality and a bite in your face. Anu daw? (excuse my sudden flow of words)  Lol. Basically, the movie showed the twisted realities that happen in the justice system. I just can’t imagine on till what etent does this film is based on true account. Grr! It seriously got me so... I just can/t… err, BWISIT NA MGA PULIS!!! There. I just have to release that. :p 

I never though that this film would be this good because I haven't heard some buzz about it (or maybe it's just me. :P). But anyway, I love the flow of this film! It's like watching every story unfold as it goes by. It feels real with the story focused on how the system works (most of the time?). It started from Grace seeking help from the police in finding the snatcher in the busy streets of Quiapo. And well, good for her, she caught sight of Jess, the snatcher of her phone and police eventually got a hold of him and got him into investigation. From the health center to the fiscal office. It's indeed a process. A long process (*cough* of corruption *cough*). In the end, even after proving Jess guilty, he was freed by the police after Grace got her phone back and backing out his complaint after the police gave some pep talk to her. But then, even if Jess got his freedom he still got some "debts" to pay with the chief police after being allegedly "saved" from the complaint. 

That's just too terrible. hai. It was a very good film with a very engaging story. I believe it deserves an award. It's just too real and direct to the point. I just wish that things like this aren't true, but who am I to fool. sad.

Can't wait for next year! See you on Cinemalaya  year 9! =]

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