Saturday, June 16, 2012

Back on track...

If only my blog was a house, I bet it would already be full of cobwebs and dust and people would just think it's already a haunted, abandoned place. Sad. Chos! Magkaroon lang ng dramatic intro. Lol. 

So I've been on hiatus for more than 2 months for so many reasons that, in reality, just sums up to one word. College. But anyway, I'm so pleased to announce that I (state your name), am already a BSA graduate! Woot! *confetti* After so many sleepless and caffeine-filled nights, I finally conquered the wrath of accounting and now I'm ready to conquer the world!... though not till I pass the CPA board exam this October. hehe. So please pray for me. It would mean a lot. =] 

So I decided to be on hiatus for the duration of our summer class (IAC) and I was suppose to be back after graduation to draft an emotional, inspiring and tear-jerker post... but then I got nothing. Hehe. Sorry. Maybe I'll try making one on October. My college was just the best and the worst experience I won't forget. Being an accountancy student had never been an easy-breezy thing. I've always seen it like that one obstacle course in a race where you go across a crisscross of garter, trying to get through but ending up back to start to try again. Just when you know you've done it, another challenge comes in. Expect the unexpected. Only those who have the will would carry on. Survival of the fittest nga daw. So I just always say to myself na "sinimulan ko 'to, dapat tapusin ko". And here I am. Praise God! Ansarap lang sa feeling kahit 2 weeks na and nakalipas. Haha!

 And btw, I just want to also share my devotion to St. Jude after IAC. Patron saint of hopeless cases and things despaired of. Oh yes, I'm that desperate. Hehe. Every Thursday we go to St. Jude for the novena and I received blessings more than what I've expected for. Promise! =] Prayer is powerful, just trust Him. So feel ko talaga gumawa ng valedictory speech pero wag na lang kasi OA na ako. Hehe. 

Anyway, this blog would still be on semi-hiatus (or not) because I'm currently reviewing for the board exam. Though maybe I'd post one the day after tomorrow if my laziness permits me. Hehe. End. Congrats for reading a random/personal post of mine till the end. Haha! Bless you! 

 PS. I want to say a massive thanks to One Direction for being on loop in my iPod and keeping me company while reviewing during our summer class. Haha! Their album "Up All Night" kept me awake. Pun intended. =]

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