Thursday, December 30, 2010


I just got my 1st retainers today! Hello to my "metal-wrapped" teeth! nyaa!
I've always wondered how it feels to have those metal on your teeth. And it just so happens that my two front teeth is not aligned with others. Papansin kasi sila. lol. It grows in a way like Bugs Bunny. haha! And the dentist even recommended me to get braces instead. But I don't have any plans on getting those because first ,I heard it hurts a lot at first. A LOT. And second, it costs too much! Around 40k+? Not practical.

The process of fitting weirded me out. haha! They use a metal formed in an arch shape. Then they fill it with a mixture like the plaster of paris that hardens in a while. Hindi ko pa din ma-imagine on how that big metal was placed in my mouth. haha! A size of a boxer's mouthpiece or even bigger than that was left in my mouth in a minute or two as it dries. And for that long, nagpipigil ako lumunok. brr. Tapos another round for the lower teeth. It doesn't taste bad or anything so ok lang. My dentist even said that it's in a mint flavor. So after 2 days it was already made and I'll just have to come back if it's already loose.

So now I'm having a hard time to eat because the food stucks and the metal in the sides blocks in the way so it always feels like I'm chewing it too. tss. I think ito na ang magiging reason for me to lose weight. haha! Goodluck to my media noche! lol

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