Sunday, July 17, 2011

AJ all the way!

Youtube has been my source of music from the time I started college. I don’t know how I started to discover this very awesome musician in youtube, but since then I’ve been more in love to their music than anything. I remember back then, whenever my friends scan my music playlist they always wonder who are these people I’m listening to. Haha! There’s AJ Rafael, Gabe Bondoc, Cathy Nguyen, Jenny Suk, Kina Grannis, David Choi, Randolph Permejo, JRA, Ryan Bandong, Joseph Vincent, Jason Chen, Clara, Andrew Garcia, Kris Mark, Jesse Barrera, Leejay, Passion and a LOT more. And what’s more amazing is that they all know each other. Waa! How fun to jam with them! And as you can notice most/all of them are Asians (no racist remark intended) and most of them are Filipinos. Woohoo! Filipino pride! Lol. Too bad they’re all in the US.

Moving on, I’ve been stalking following AJ Rafael since – I can’t remember. Haha! He’s a Fil-Am born and raised in America but both of his parents are Filipino. I think he's the first musician in YouTube I subscribed to and since then I’ve been a dedicated fan of youtube musicians more than mainstream music. I can still remember when he’s still starting out covering various songs; he even got this epic Disney medley he arranged! Then I started to discover his original music where he started writing when he is still 15. Plus his catchy hit song “I just want you” that I think became the beggining of everything. Now he is with a band with his friends from Berkley (2 of them I think?). I also remember back then when I’m on my laptop till wee hours in the morning watching them on Ustream playing good music. I even already formulated an equation for the time difference, [Philippine time minus 4 hours and 1 day] that is when they’re not on DST. Haha! He’s the reason why I got an Ustream and BlogTV account. I can’t forget the time when he replied to my question while he’s on Ustream because he was talking about Berklee College of music which he attended to for some time and I was asking if it was like a “Raise your Voice” type of school, and he said not quite. Yee! Because I always dream of going to music school like that ever since I saw that movie. I even got inspired to get a uke because of him, now I’m in love with the sound of the uke! Plus my twitter account was also created because of him to get updates when he went in the PH last Feb. 2010. Wow! Talk about dedicated? Now I sound like an obsessive stalker. What the?! Haha!!

So since then, he started to get big on Youtube: recording original music, having a band, releasing albums and music videos, being invited on shows in different places (even in Australia!), and collaborating with other youtube musicians. So recently he released his “Red Roses” album (also available on Itunes!), which unfortunately I can’t purchase because I don’t have PayPal/credit card or any means of payment for over the net purchases. Tss. Sorry AJ for ripping music on your youtube account for noe. =[ If you go here again with your album, I promise to buy! =]

“I wrote this song not about a death or losing someone to an illness, but about wanting to be with someone so bad that you couldn't go another day without them-- but this song spoke differently to my Kuya Frank's wife Ate Rhea. She told me that she listened to this song as if it was Kuya Frank singing to her, fighting for her, and wanting to be there for her through all of this. Thus, the original concept for this video was born and it stuck in my head-- and I pray that this video helps you realize that you are not alone in your struggle, whether it is you or a loved one going through it.”

The concept of the video was so much fitted for his song. It added to the emotion and the message that the song tells. I seriously got goose bumps while I was watching it, no bias there. This video was well made that it perfectly reached out on me. Plus this completely shows AJ’s growth on his music career. There’s a progression which I just I can’t explain in words. Haha! But anyway, I sense I would be forever a fan of AJ. He is simply a great musician and person. I only met him once when he went here in the Philippines, I must say he’s a very approachable guy and a genuine person. I gave him a drawing that night and he gave me a hug. Thanks for the love! Hehe. He already had a long way and I think he already reached THE point, even if he’s not mainstream (though I think it’s not even needed) he’s already living out his dreams. Waa! I’m a proud fan! =]

His “Red Roses” album:

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