Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lazer Extreme!

I've been lagging lately, I got a lot of drafts pending but I'm always losing the will. Chos!Ok fine, tamad kasi ako MINSAN. haha! Plus I tend to forget the details when a week or more has passed that's why I don't even get to finish a decent post. Nyahaha!
Anyway, I've been wanting to blog about this super fun game that I just had tried last month. After watching Kung Fu Panda at ATC (btw, that's my 1st 3D movie, I was about to blog about it but then I forgot. tss.), we decided to do Lazer Extreme because I'm the only one who haven't tried it yet.

When we went up to go see, there's still an ongoing game and you can take a peek to get an idea on what’s it like if you’re a newcomer like me. They have this small viewing deck up there where you can see a side of the “play ground”. But anyways, you won’t even see much because it’s a bit dark inside the gaming area. We had our game scheduled around 5pm (we signed up around 4:45pm) and I thought we still have to wait for more players (we’re only 4) but I think it’s not a problem because after a minute another group of 3 went in. So yea, I think they don’t lack on customers. And the group of teens/kids from the previous game joined in again. Define addict? Lol.

Before starting a quick video was played for the instructions and guidelines. No ducking/sitting/crawling and physical contact. Then next would be choosing your gear. We’re around 20 players in there all in all. They have illuminated light-weight vest with LED lights and a Laser gun connected on the vest through a wire so you won’t drop it. They have 8 different colors to choose from for your team (we are team yellow!). And also don’t forget to remember your player’s name, it’s in the screen of the gun, for you to know your score in the end of the game.


So let the game begin! The multi-level laser-tag arena was very spacious. It is dimly lighted with LED lights around and glow in the dark designs. They also got this background music that pumps you up like you’re in a real battle arena. Haha! In the start of the game, I kept running around and hiding trying to tag first the person I encounter. I don’t have a direction. Lol. When someone tags you first, your light turns off for a couple of seconds before you can fire up again. The points you gain depends on what part of the opponent’s vest you able to tag, if I’m not mistaken the one in the shoulder has the most point. I didn’t even able to get upstairs because there are a lot of them already there so I just kept running around in the ground level. And because of that I felt super tired already and my legs are already hurting like it’s cramped. I felt so much “in” the game. Haha! And then I found one of my teammates who I just joined in. Ganun pala yun! It’s a better strategy to get a place where no one can easily see you and fire up from there like you’re protecting your base. I feel sorry for my super aching legs! But unless you want some fun and action-packed experience, try going around and leaning on the walls like a pro. Haha! I think the game lasted around 15 mins. but it’s surely worth it and you’ll be going out the arena very tired indeed. There even came a point when I already want to just sit and wait for the game to stop because I’m already super exhausted. Haha! Talk about excessive walking/running around. :))

After the game, the scores will be posted outside in a tv screen. Each player will be ranked and the group with the highest combined point wins. And in all modesty we’re 2nd placers out of 5 groups. Haha! The 1st placer group has 10 members so we’re not bad at all. Woohoo! Hehe. So there, it’s surely recommended to play with your whole barkada. I think no one would even regret trying this out. Very exciting and action-filled experience! =]

One game is priced at 170php during weekdays (Mon-Thurs.) and 190php on weekends (Fri-Sun.). If you plan to play immediately after your game ended, a 20php deduction on the price will be given. They also offer packages for larger groups. They also offer Laser Maze for 80php/game and Laser Golf for 170php (weekdays) and 190php (weekdays). Lazer Extreme can also be experienced at Market,Market!.

LazerXtreme (ATC) is located near the Cinemas.

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