Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dinner at Dampa

I bet that only a few knows that the first and original Dampa is located at Paranaque and not the ones in Seaside Macapagal. My father also said that there's also one in Baclaran which has been established long before. Basically, "dampa" is a filipino term for "bahay kubo/ nipa huts". I don't know where I get the idea, but I always thought that dampa is like a term for swamp or any body of water. Ahh. Maybe the reason is because   Dampa's are known for seafoods. hehe. Also, the restaurants in Dampa back then is still not air-conditioned unlike now so you get to smell the freshness of the wet market in the area. =] Anyway, the main concept here is you buy your own seafoods/meat fresh from the market and bring it to the restaurant of your choice to get it cooked the way you want it.

Last Thursday night, we had dinner at Dampa in Paranaque to celebrate Papa's birthday. We just went to the nearest one from where we parked while Papa went to the wet market. He already bought a few from the wet market near us before we went there. Prices of seafood here are higher as expected so it would be better if you get to buy beforehand. 

Not much to expect. Shylin II got two fully air-conditioned floors. They got TV and of course a for-rent videoke machine that can never be absent in places like these. hehe. And they also got restrooms in both floors so it won't be a hassle to go down if you're in the second floor. We had ordered 5 dishes and waited for 10- 15 mins. As the food was brought up one by one, we noticed that one of the dishes (Inihaw na Liempo) was not hot. I don't know to them, but it seems like it was cooked earlier. So we just made them re-heat it. But as most says, don't complain much on those serving your food kasi baka kung ano gawin nila sa pagkain niyo pagnainis sila. hehe. But everything went well after that. We were 9 in all, and ordered 3 plates of rice and two 1.5L of softdrinks.

Shrimp Tempura


Inihaw na Liempo

Buttered Prawns

Miso soup with fish.

We got 2 servings of each (except the Nilagang "something) and got to take home some after eating. They will wrap it in front of you so you would  be assured on what they're packing in.

It was just okay. Nothing special that made in to my favorite list. Everything tasted how it should be. I googled Shylin and found out that they also have a branch at Macapagal. 1 bowl of rice costs P100 same with a 1.5L of softdrinks. I don't know the exact breakdown of our bill, so I'll just summarize it to give an idea to those interested to dine in there. *after googling again* Sorry, I'm lazy so might as well check this menu I saw in the net. hehe. 2010 pa ang last update but keri na yan. =]

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