Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ocean Park (HK Trip pt. 3)

We went to Ocean Park on our 2nd day of stay. I was hoping we could take our breakfast somewhere we could taste authentic Chinese food but then we couldn’t see one and so we ended up at the ever-most- practical food chain to eat at wherever part of the world you are. McDo.

No rice. =[

We took the MTR again at Tai Wo Hau station getting off at Admiralty station. The ride from here and there was approx. 30 mins. and at Admiralty station Exit B you would see this ticket center where you could buy your Ocean Park tickets (HK$250/adult, HK$120/ child) which is cheaper compared to when you buy at the park. Then going up the escalator and just a few walks to left you will see loads of bus 629 in front of Lippo Centre picking up passengers going to Ocean Park. As early as 11am lines are already long but bus 629 arrives continuously so it won’t really took long. You may pay the bus fare using your octopus card or loose change. 30 mins. spent going up to Ocean Park from Admiralty station.

Well, hello there! =]

It was a hot and gloomy day when we went there. We took a map and went to find the closest attraction we could go to which is The Grand Aquarium. A massive long line welcomed us when we got there which just quite dampened my mood a bit. Oh well, we just lined up in that snaky line for I don’t know how long. All I can remember is that a light rain started to shower down good thing were already close to queue area that got large umbrellas because I’m really close to buying those park raincoats which is undoubtedly overpriced. So it pays to always have an umbrella with you when going to parks like these. So after some standing and whining (a bit) we got in at last!  Hooray!


And that was fun! =]  It was a large complex that  held a lot of things to see and discover which just made the lining up in the rain worth it. We went next to the Hong Kong Jockey Club which houses two giant Pandas and two golden monkeys. The pandas were still inside their room so we waited for a while until some staff went down to the cage to place their food before letting the pandas out. It was my first time seeing a real life Panda and all I wish is I could feel their cuddly looking arms and face!  I know they’re not that tame and friendly so I’m not really hoping for a cuddle. Hehe.

Next stop was Old Hong Kong where we grabbed some snacks and rest a bit.


Went around some more at The Water Front area before heading up to The Summit and we ended up watching this Bird Show that got some Eco-friendly skit kind of thing.

I firmly believe that was Hedwig in there, lost in the Muggle world I think.


 Riding down the Ocean Express "submarine" train going up to The Summit. they also have cable cars going up but then my companions were afraid of height that much and so I was stuck to this train going up and back. exciting. not.
 Adds more spice to the Ocean Park experience! =]
 We went in all the attractions except the rides. All the rides got long lines and most of it were roller coasters that my heart can't just take. I'm all good with just hearing those people scream up there. =]

 A glimpse of the moving snaky line.
 Penguins! xx
 Aaaah!!! ^_____^

The photo I love! I took these after we went out from the South Pole Encounter which made my lens moisten. It made the photo look eerie that just suits the big clown face (and crazy ride). haha!

The foggy view.

And that's a wrap! off to the Night market.

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