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Baguio spots - (Strawberry Farm and Bell Church)

So here are the places we visited when we went to Baguio last month. Sorry, I was hit again by tamad na blogger virus, hence the very late post. We only had an overnight stay in Baguio so we were not able to visit all the touristy spots there. But if given a chance, I would love to go back and maybe do a 24hr challenge to visit all the must-visit spots there. Transpo is very accessible there and I bet a 24 hr challenge would be 90% attainable. Let’s see. 

Strawberry Farm

Our first stop was Strawberry Farm. It is located in La Trinidad, Benguet which is only a jeep away from Baguio City Proper. You can see it in the left side of the road and there’s a signboard posted so you won’t miss it. We were there past 8am and so we are the only ones there beside a group taking pictures down the fields.
Strawberry picking cost 250php/kilo that time. I guess it varies based on what I’ve seen from other blogs and maybe based on your persistence to bargain for a lower price. Haha! One basket approximately measures 1 kilo. We were each given a basket even if we only opt to buy 1kilo just for the experience. 

The field is muddy so I suggest you bring or ask for a plastic bag to cover your shoes. They gladly gave us one. Thanks! :)
We were taught to twist and pull upwards in picking strawberries. 30 mins. after, we combined the strawberries in one basket and had it weighed at the entrance. We also bought freshly picked lettuce that we saw while picking strawberries. It was already at its prime and the lady that assisted us gave it to us at 4 for 50php. FRESH. NEWLY PICKED LETTUCE. Oha? Oha? LOL. What a bargain, right?? But you could also buy it at the entrance at 3 for 50php. 

If you just want to take photos, you may also freely do so. I guess there’s no charge for that, you just have to log in on the book at the entrance. 

Sunflower! <3

 Strawberry fields :)

More strawberries and fresh vegetables were sold at the entrance. Packaging and price varies depends with regards to the strawberries.
Here’s an overview of the prices that time (January 2014) for your reference:

Box 75php/100php/150php - depends on the size of the strawberries

Basket -  200php

Small transparent container - 50php (this sells out fast so grab this at the moment you see it. haha! Packaging is very convenient for travelling back the metro.)
Romane Lettuce 100php

Lettuce 3 for 50php
Baguio beans 3 for 50php

-          - Don’t go here when you still have places to go after. Strawberries are delicate so you might want to go back to your hotel after buying so as to prevent spoilage. Best plan is to go here on your last day so you won’t have to stack it aside for a long time.

-          - Keep your strawberries chilled as soon as you go home, and replace it to a container. If possible don’t stack it in several layers. Watch out for spoiled ones (mostly in the bottom part) for it affects others quickly.

  - You may also opt to buy your pasalubong here. From what I’ve noticed, prices are same as those sold at Baguio Market and Mines View Park. 2 for 150php shirts and ang walang kamatayang 3 for 100 sweets and snacks. Haha!

More strawberries! Yummmmmmm!!!!! :)

180degree view

Bell Church

Bell church is along the way going to Strawberry Farm so you may stop by before going to Strawberry Farm. It’s easy to locate because it’s near the arch with a sign of “Welcome to La Trinidad”. A Chinese arch can also be seen on the side of the road, which is the entrance going to the narrow road towards Bell Church.

If you like to appreciate art with solemn surroundings, this is the place to visit.  It’s best to go there in the morning when it is not yet crowded by tourists.
The place is adorned with dragons, arches and a nice landscaped garden.

View from the top

Mountain of houses

Don’t forget that this is still a sacred religious dwelling which means proper decorum is to be observed. Pictures are allowed EXCEPT inside the church. So please respect that.

Random people :)

Too many photos. haha! Sorry for the loading time. So I decided to cut this post into two. Next post would be about: Burnham Park (boating), Mines View Park, Baguio Market.

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  1. Nice Pictures :) I'm Planning to visit Baguio around December and I really want to see the strawberry farm..


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