Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hotel Review: KC Place City Center

For my 3rd visit in BKK, we chose to stay at KC Place City center which is situated in Pratunam. This was my first time traveling outside the country without my mom so I really need to budget to save more for shopping. Haha! Of course, I searched for a hotel close to the shopping central in Pratunam and one that is affordable but still provides the proper necessities. Generally, hotels in the Pratunam area are affordable that I almost considered booking with Baiyoke Sky again for the nice stay I had with them last time. But then again I'm in need of a place where I could save much more money if possible. And there's KC Place City Center, which is just behind Baiyoke Sky. Am I clingy? Haha.

KC Place Hotel is just a 5 minute walk or 2 blocks away from Ratchaprarop station of Airport rail link. When you get there, you might be confused as there is 2 separate buildings of KC Place Hotel. The first one in the right is where you do the check in and where the main lobby and restaurant is located. I booked thru Agoda and upon presenting the voucher, I filled up the guest form and cashed out 1000 Baht as refundable deposit. I was given a deposit voucher to claim the 1,000 Baht upon check out and they also gave us a user/pass for the wifi free for 2 days. 

 The duration counts when you login then logout so we  were still able to use it in our 3rd day as we were always out. But after checkout, the user/pass would already be invalid.

We booked the standard deluxe with 2 single beds. We were given room 318 in the other building. In the other building, you need to go up the stairs to reach the elevator. If you're roo is located in the 2nd floor, you only have the choice to use the stairs because the elevator only services 3rd floor and up. 

Outside the hotel, is a grocery store and also some eateries in the side. A massage center is also available beside the main hotel which provides good service based on the reviews I read.

KC Place hotel is just behind Baiyoke Sky and beside the parking lot of the latter so you could use this as a shortcut to the main shopping street instead of going around the block. The location is perfect for us, thanks to the parking area shortcut, it saved our aching feet and hands after hours of shopping hands full of shopping bags.
(photos not mine except from the shot of the actual bed)

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