Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 backtrack

Achievements and memorable evens in 2010

youtube madness! (2.6.10)
- 2010 was also the year I finally met my long time subscribed musician in youtube, none other than, AJ Rafael! woop! And also Randolph Permejo, who co-written the song "My Everything" w/Cathy Nguyen, was also with him during the meet and greet. Tasi Alabastro, part of Barkada Inc., who was super duper nice, was also present during that night. Their main purpose of coming in the country was for the mission trip in helping the Ondoy victims. All 3 of them was so nice and accommodating to all who had shown up, they were all game and ready to pose for picture and sign some stuffs. And they were so warm in talking with everyone, and I even got a hug from Aj after giving him my "simple gift" (I want it yo be personalized so I decided to make 2 sketches of him. XD). I'm just in awe while listening to them and seeing them live doing their stuffs. That's how small the world can be through technology! woop!

Eleksyon 2010 (5.10.10)
- this year, I'm an official voter na even though wala pa din akong voter's id. *hello comelec?* And this is also the first automation in the voting process. My first experience in national and local voting was too memorable after going in a sea of people in search for my designated precint/room. haha! as in close to stampede siya, and I was close to being claustrophobic and almost close to losing my breath because of the excessive heat and tulakan moments ng mga tao. brr. And "waiting in vain" moment in front of our car dahil nahiwalay ako AND wala akong load AND wala akong perang dala, even a peso. *lesson learned* Feel ko na ang "nawawalang bata" moment ko. And also the number system, as in bumalik na lan kami after 2-3 hrs. to have my turn. And that was it, it's fulfilling to have done something for your country even through this simple ways. But atleast I was one of those who didn't lose hope in getting my vote count. Even though my presidential bet (Gordon) didn't win, I'm still glad for having shown my support towards change.

Summer getaway at Volet's (5.26.10)
- this was my first time to go swimming without my family. I don't usually join class outings because I kind of find it boring and in the first place I don't know how to swim so I won't get to enjoy it that much and most of the time they drink till dawn and I don't drink so what am I gonna do there? Anyway, this thoughts didn't came in my mind kasi I'm sure this would just be pure craziness! =] We're 11 all in all. All my friends in our neighborhood. We stayed in the resort till around 3 or 4am. Good thin hindi kami sinisita or something kasi as in yung kubo na lang namin ang may ilaw. lol. Takutan/kwentuhan/picturan and anything under the sun/moon ginawa na namin to pass up the time of waiting for our sundo. This would really be one of the moments in my life that I wouldn't mind to repeat over and over again. =]

Accounting life
-2010 was also the year where I first got my 2.5 and 2.25 in my Management Acctg1 and Fin. Acc3 respectively, after 3yrs. of having various acctg. subjects (kundi 2.75, isang malaking tres!).Oha! I'm so proud of the result of my hardship/puyatan night/and night at the library. Well, seriously, nag-seryoso talaga ako that sem and I'm too much engaged in studying that time sana maipagpatuloy ko pa! =]

Fun? run (10.10.10)
- my first fun run I ever joined. The run for ilog Pasig which also aims for a record breaking # of participants for the Guinness. Tiring, .. hmm

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