Sunday, January 23, 2011

life of the fockers

We watched the "Little Fockers" a while ago and it was just weird that SM cinemas only opens 2 time slots for a whole day, well that's the case in MOA and Sm Southmall when I checked. Sm Bacoor doesn't even had it. Or maybe it was already on its 2nd week, idk, whatever. Honestly, I don't get the whole story in the beginning. But I think, it just generally revolves between Greg Focker and his father-in-law James Brynes just like how it was in "Meet the Fockers". There's the misunderstandings and the random jokes thrown as the kids being curious and all. Then there's also the addition of Pam's (Greg's wife) ex lover and Andi (a medicine sales rep?) that at least added some new flavor in the movie.

The movie was a bit too boring for me. I just don't see it as engaging as the previous ones. I even slept for about 5mins. or so in the middle of the movie, I don't know if I just missed the best part ...or not. Then there's also the "Early Human School" (where they want their kids to study) that got my attention. I just like what the head or rep of the school said, it was something like "no two child was born the same so they shouldn't be given the same way of education", got some sense right?

All in all, I'd give it a 5 or a 6... or maybe 5.5. I respect those writer/director/actors that made time to produce a "sequel", but unfortunately I just feel it was bland or lacking of something. This just comes only from a point of view of an average teenager who watches movie as a hobby. hehe. Or maybe I was just expecting something. But at least I didn't slept for half the movie unlike my mother, haha!

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