Sunday, January 30, 2011

The girl on fire

First time I've heard of the "Hunger Games", I thought it was a real game or some kind of a reality show. Then after googling it, I realized it's a book. Make it a series. After reading the summary, I first find it a bit absurd. Getting teens from each district chosen randomly and placing them in a game where the goal is to try to "out skill" each other or maybe "kill" each other. Ending the game with the last man standing. ok? So what's the point? I thought it was a bit sadistic and so I didn't thought of reading it ever, its looks too violent. But then a lot of people is raving about it! Even Stephenie Meyer finds it close to perfect.
And so last thursday my friend bought the Hunger Games set (P995). After suggesting it to her again and again while we're in the bookstore so I can borrow it afterwards. haha! Curiosity kills, really. I don't want to buy the book because I'm still getting second thoughts about it. She finished it too fast that I get to borrow it on friday night. And just in time, saturday classes was suspended because of the quadri celebration. hooray! haha! This is a good break from my endless accounting books.
*So this is where a crappy book review starts*

First, the book cover got my interest. In the cover is a mockingbird or a "mockingjay" inside a ring (that's also a part of the story) printed. Reminds me of the famous book of Harper Lee. I also like the black theme of the book, gives it a "dark" feeling. lol. Anyway, the story generally revolves around Katniss, "the girl on fire". With the 74th Hunger Games, a fight to death live on tv, starting. One boy and one girl age 12-18, from each 12 districts, are chosen to be "tributes" for the game. During the reaping, 42 names are drawn from a big glass bowl. But then the odds just didn't get on Prim's side, Katniss' 12 yr. old sister. And so Katniss decided to volunteer herself in replacement to save her sister from the "death sentence". With Peeta Mellark as the boy tribute of their 12th district, together they have been marked as the star-crossed lovers of the game. And so the story goes on how Katniss, being a big contender that nobody have ever thought of, would try to save herself from death and survive among the other 24 tributes. Plus there's also a fair share of love story between Katniss and Peeta. But the problem is the game supposedly ends with only one victor. And so decisions are to be made.

What I like about the story was it never had a dull moment. It was a great adventure novel. I like how the game was presented. I thought it would be too brutal or full of blood shed killings. But I was wrong. While I was reading it, so many things had been crossing my mind. It made me think of the HP's Goblet of Fire book, the wolves and vampires in the Twilight series hunting each other, the Survivor reality game and even the Pinoy Big Brother show. haha! IMHO, the flow of the story was builded up in a way that the reader wouldn't stop reading. The chapters was also generally written in a way that in every end of the chapter you'd be hanging by the moment. nyaha! This sounds weird after thinking the story was not my type coz it looks too violent. haha! Anyway, I'm surely gonna buy the remaining two books. woop! But first I've got to have a free time for that. haha! wth. Accounting, please be continuously nice to me. =]

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