Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Catching Fire

HG fever is on! lol. Got to borrow the 2nd book (Catching Fire) last monday after returning the 1st one. I think I'd be finishing the series without buying a single one (sorry Suzanne Collins), besides I think most of the bookstores are out of stock. Anyway, I'm forced to finish it in the shortest possible time because of upcoming quizzes. psh!


More sweet moments are injected to the story and a LOT more shocking revelations *last chapter* and events was presented! This would be, by far, the best book that keeps the reader super bitin Gale now had more exposure in the first few chapters. woop! But then, I really feel sorry for Peeta. The "poison berry act" of the two brought various reactions from the Capitol and the people of different districts especially those in district 8. The consequence of their act was backed on to them by being in the Hunger Game for the 2nd time around. *sorry, what a spoiler*

Well this would be the 75th Hunger Games, and every 25th they celebrate it by putting more twists in. the Quarter Quell Game. More allies for them this time. Peeta making another big issue, Katniss making sure that Peeta survives, alliances with 2nd thoughts for some, stronger Careers, turning back from the Capitol, the signs, and a lot more "WHAT?/NO!/SERIOUSLY?" moments. haha! Book 2 is just content-loaded and action-packed. Plus the confessions. And the ending!!! wth! Now I don't know when will I ever read the 3rd book with all these school stuffs. tsk tsk tsk...

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