Sunday, February 13, 2011


Mockingjay would be the 3rd and last book of the series. You know, it’s not recommended to be read while you're depressed or problematic. Haha! Just like how I read it after a 2-hr. Advacc quiz, how depressing. Haha! *Chos!*

The book started from the ruins and the result of everything that happened in Book 2. From what happened to District 12 to the introduction of a new district. Uprisings from different districts and the counterattacks of the Capitol to the rebellious people filled the plot. The no-waste-no-want district, District 13, was introduced and Katniss was continuously on the process of recovery from all the experience she had and how she coped up with a life apart from Peeta. So this time, Gale was her confidante. But then all of these were plotted from the start to let Katniss lead the people against the Capitol. Katniss has to be the Mockingjay.

Spontaneity defines Katniss. Taking orders from someone wasn't really her thing. They were like playing mind games with each other. If only they would tell what they want to happen, everything will fall into its place diba? Tsk.tsk. Well okay, there's no excitement if that'll happen. haha! I like how unpredictable the story goes. Just like when Peeta got back in the scene. That was the best surprise part for me. =] Then it was starting to get slow and boring in the end part. Idk, or maybe I was just losing my focus because I of school matters. haha! It's already given that more death will happen in the last book. How a lot of people in the group had their life taken after attacking the Capitol. The last part/epilogue lacked on the info about Gale. Collins should've put further detail on it, besides he's already one of the main characters. Nevertheless, it was a good end for the popular series. Hooray for the star-crossed lovers! =]

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