Sunday, February 13, 2011

TGIF: Last friday night

Last Friday, our block had dinner at Tramway, Timog for the birthday treat of 4 of our classmates. It was my first time dining there and also my first time to be in Timog area. So imagine how lost I was while we're going there. haha! Good thing our AudTheo quiz for 4pm was cancelled so we get to go there early for it was already fully booked that day. We arrived around 5:20 pm and the place was still empty. The staff said that the buffet dinner will start to be served at 6pm pa so we still have to wait. But it was already served even before 6pm. Maybe cause 23 persons were already waiting. haha! We occupied 2 long tables while they also have a function room for bigger groups and also a private room with 1 round table, or maybe 2. There are 3 tables in the middle with 1 long table for the main dishes and 2 round tables for the fruits and soups. They also have self service water in the counter.
I filled my plate with small servings of each dish and only a spoonful of rice. haha! That has always been my technique when we go to buffets. A little rice/no rice at all to save extra space for more food. haha! They have orange chicken(?), pancit, fried rice, steamed fish, chopseuy, maki, sushi, butchi, fried dumplings, siomai, clams, donut ball?, bread and 2-3 more that I can't remember. In the fruits table, they got papaya, red and yellow watermelon, melon, pineapple, and salads like buko pandan and macaroni salad. The pandan tastes good but the macaroni looks dry and doesn't have any other in it like carrots maybe. I didn't try it so I don't know if it tasted good, but my classmate didn't get to finish hers, so there. I also haven't try the soups because I was already full after 2 rounds and just munched on the fruits while we're chatting and taking a rest.
Warning: If you ever see this small cup and don't know what it is, don't get it! I thought it was kind of a pudding but obviously I was wrong. I don't know what it's called but I think it's a white of an egg based on the taste. Very bland. Well, maybe it's a chinese food or there's something you need to add to make it taste BETTER. IDK. bah! whatever. haha!

my fave! the butchi I fought for. haha! joke. E kasi naman in demand! It only lasts on the table for a minute or two after refilling. Kailangan on the lookout ka. haha!

healthy eating. =]

All in all, it was worth it. They charge 338php (212php for children 4ft. below) during Sunday lunch and holidays while 205php (138php) for regular days. It's recommended for those who like the taste of Chinese food. They also constantly replenish the food so you don't really have to wait long for your favorites. According to some, the house specialty is their siomai. But my personal favorites are butchi and fried dumplings. The ambience is also nice for get-togethers. Not too shabby but not too classy. Around 6:30pm the place is already full. We went out before 8pm and the outside is already full of people waiting to be seated. It's my first time there and it’s no wonder they attract a lot of customers because they have affordable price.

happy us! =]

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