Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lovin' Friday

It’s been weeks after my last post. Anyway, there’s nothing new besides my usual routine of school-home-school. I really need a time to meet up with my hs friends! But they’re busy for graduation. Tss. Sawa na ko sa mukha ng mga blockmates ko. Chos! Haha!
Last Friday was a breath of fresh air from my usual days. No classes because of EDSA day. Woop! Hooray for freedom and unity of Filipino people! Anyway, me and mama we’re supposed to go to Baguio for a day because she also has her leave for 3 days this weekend but we realized that it’s a waste of money for the bus tickets if we’re just gonna go back and forth. Hotels there were fully-booked already and there’s no choice for us but to go home at night so we decided not to continue. Besides, we have to save up money for our “Bengkek” trip. Haha!
Good thing our thesis meeting was moved the next day so I got to go out instead with mama. We first went to San Juan de Dios for her monthly check-up. She just got her lab test and her doctor wasn’t there so we decided to go to MOA after. Mama was already hungry because of fasting for the test so we immediately ate after arriving at Tokyo Tokyo. Haven’t been there for a while now and just noticed that they changed their exteriors. It’s a lot more nice now than before when it looks gloomy.
We tried their Bonburi bowls. In the poster, it was a big bowl FULL to top with rice and beef/pork/chicken. Well at least it lived up with the picture’s big bowl and full of toppings. Haha! It tastes good too. I had the chicken bowl and it got eggs with it while mama had the beef that is topped up with vegetables in it.

The "Bubble Freeze" from Go Nuts Donuts. Lovin' it! They offer it at its introductory price for 20php/cup. Those "lychee pearls" pops in your mouth like a bubble which explains the. very cool. haha! They have two flavors : these one above was the Buko Slush, and they have the other one called Mango Mambo which i prefer more.

Candies from Aji Ichiban. My new fave candy store! They've got more choices! =]

After eating we decided to just watch movies. We chose Black Swan even though I already have a downloaded copy of it. Too bad that “Just go with it” was already showing but was only scheduled in the evening; it’s in the premiere cinema so maybe it’s the first day. I never thought that Black Swan was freaky in a way. Haha! I love how the story was build up. The storyline was pretty nice, it makes the viewers think and it was never predictable in any way. And Natalie Portman did a great job in portraying her role. I think she deserves an award for that. I never thought that frustrations can get that intense and “psychotic “. Haha. But till now I don’t know the connection of that bruises in her back to what she became.

After the movie we strolled around and went to the department store to search for shoes to buy. I was looking for that Toms kind of footwear or any flats. But we ended up with nothing. (Choosy nga kasi. Haha. )We then just went to SM Southmall after. I like the new vibe of that mall, though some parts are not yet upgraded. The new placement of the establishments and new standard looks of the stores was a good change. And it became more spacious. So still we spent hours going around the department store. ( Ang choosy lang talaga. Haha!) And so I ended up buying those sandals with zippers in the back. After that we had dinner at Kenny Rogers.
My favorite platter, coleslaw on the side. =]

Their fro-yo was not bad at all. 35php for a cup + 10php for the toppings (mangos/brownies).
Whatta day. I love spending the day with Mama. Fun lang because we both love food! and a little bit shopping in the side. Hehe. On Monday, I’m back to my books. Tss.

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