Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mogu Mogu

25% grape juice with nata de coco
The wonder that is Mogu Mogu. Yeah! Say it twice coz it’s nice. Hoho. Ang corny lang. hehe. Heard it last year pa but I just remembered about it yesterday on the way home after our thesis making. It got 5 flavors I think (grapes/mango/lychee/strawberry/pineapple). The thing with it is that it has bits of Nata de coco in it , feels like you’re drinking Fruitas + Zagu/pearl shakes, thus the name Mogu Mogu (Japanese term for “to chew”). It's "Nata de coco blended with fruit juice" and not the other way around.
I don’t usually like grape juices but this one went well, unlike some that tasted like syrups I take whenever I got coughs back when I was a child. It has this concentrated juice like flavor, which i like. Now I can't wait to try the other flavors! =] It costs 28php in 7eleven.

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