Sunday, March 13, 2011


Had a movie night with my friends again! yey! It's been long and this is a much needed break for me from all the school stuffs. We had street foods for the snacks. haha! We missed the "isaw" and "dugo" we usually buy during the summer. Fortunately, someone from our street was selling ihaw-ihaw again! yey!
We had "Burlesque" which is a very fab movie indeed! Musical flicks like this really interests me. Just like how the classic "Moulin Rouge" is still stuck on my mind. haha! Christina Aguilera was just too perfect for her character "Ali", with her very strong voice, sexy moves and very nice body. Very amazing! The movie went slow in the beginning while Ali wasn't performing yet and being frustrated and all to get in her dream job. Good thing for her befriending a guy from the bar, that she first thought was a gay, that accommodated her while she was homeless from being ransacked and being jobless. And a number of prods again before she started to hit the stage, at last, that's just what I'm waiting for. And then suddenly we're all-eyes-on when Ali was starting to be discovered by the club's owner. Her insistence paid off. woohoo! The sabotage on her backfired and everyone was too ecstatic as they discover how good she was in singing. It just suits her well! I love the songs performed, though most of it was new to me, I think those was 70s-80s music. The appropriateness of the songs got the viewers in the vibe. I'm so in love with the production. And so the story goes and everything went well for Ali and the club. She became the main attraction. Every prod. number she had was so good though racy (lol, not for the conservative ones). Plus Jack, the partner, his eyes, yea. haha! But then, the financial problem experienced by the club was still not resolved, and also add up the “fiance problem”. All in all, it was a good 2hr movie, perfect for those who love musicals! 5 stars! Woop!

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