Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bangkok trip: Day 3

Day 3: Bye BKK!

Our last day was spent on last minute shopping and stuffing everything in our bags. Good thing we brought 2 loose baggages for extra space.
Big Bang!

On the way to the airport.

Bye Bangkok!

the loooong line for the checking in of baggage for our flight.

Saw this group of Thai students with the same haircut while waiting in line at the immigration. I wonder if that's a requirement for them. seriously?

that purple bag attracts meeeeee. XD

Searching for candies to munch on in their Duty Free shops.

-the plane we're about to board in. ~~up up here we go go!

the very spacious Thai airport

We arrived around 6pm and there's no free gate so we disembarked using a mobile staircase.

Hello Philippines! Waiting and searching for your baggage can get tiring. The customs people are not too strict with the inspection this time compared to what my mother kept telling us. Maybe because it’s already past 6pm and they’re already tired. Hehe. We got an X mark on two of our baggage. One of it was because of the tamarind candies that scattered that kept clanging inside. And the other I innocently dusted off because I thought it was just a dirt dust. Haha! Papa picked us up and then went straight home. We were supposed to eat out because it was papa’s birthday the next day but just opted to do it on the original day.

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