Saturday, April 9, 2011


I’m back!, for now, because summer classes starts on the 12th. So I only spent my 2-week vacation updating myself on the latest books and a bit traveling on the side. So I finally got to shake of my laziness and update this blog instead.
So as I was scanning in the net for books I could read while I still have a free time, I stumbled upon Alex Flinn a lot of times. I was intrigued about the theme of her latest works. Fairytale in the modern day setting? nice! So now my fascination for her novels started.
"Kiss in Time" was the first one I was supposed to buy but can't find it when I went to MOA. I even tweeted FullyBooked the day before I went there to check if they had it available in there MOA branch. They said they still have 2 remaining in there and suggested that I call their hotline to reserve it, but I’m in Cavite and our phone is locked so no choice but to hope that it won’t taken before I go. I went there straight ahead after my last exam the next day. Around 4pm I arrived and the last 2 stock was already gone. Siya na in demand!
So I went next to National Bookstore and tried my luck. Asked the customer service there that said they don't have it. I don't know if she even got the author right when she asked again. So anyway, went to my last resort, Powerbooks. Good thing that I somehow memorized already the location of the stores in MOA so I don't have to go around and around. haha! Imagine me losing hope already. Skimmed around the store for a while but I didn't saw any in the front tables, so I asked the guy there and said it was already sold out a long time ago. He just suggested Beastly (another Flinn novel) which was already made into a movie to be shown this April, and Cloaked which was also already available but it's still on HB. I've always regarded staffs of Powerbooks in MOA as friendly and accommodating. I remember one time, I accompanied my friend there to buy for our exchange gift and they’re a great help when you don’t know which book is suitable for a person. I can see they're book lovers themselves so it's not hard for them to recommend and make a conversation with their customers. Thumbs up! So I ended up buying Beastly, I want both but I don’t have enough money for the Cloaked HB. haha!
"If I hadn't been transformed, I would never have known what I was missing"
As for the story, it was Beauty and the Beast retold in the modern days. I never read or watched BB so I can't tell all the difference. But all the important parts were there, afaik. How the beast was so beastly inside that he was transformed and how Lindy (Beauty) was forced to be in Beast's place and how she saw Beast past his appearance. Realizations only pop out when a person loses everything he thought he won't lose, things he thought he can't live without. Just imagine how a good-looking, rich and popular highschool boy turned to a beast would deal with the people in NYC when suddenly he changed into someone he never wanted to be. Cool version. Must read. Can't wait to see it in the big screen! =]

~I want the original cover :(

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