Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Kiss in Time

I look straight into her grass green eyes. I’ve never seen eyes that color before.
“Thank you, my prince,” she sighs,
Then the green eyes widen.
“Who are you"
And that’s when she screams

Kiss in time is one of the fairytale-themed books of Alex Flinn. It's based on the classic Sleeping Beauty waking up with her true love's kiss.

I've always been an impatient person when it comes to reading books and even on watching movies. I easily get bored especially when progress of the story is too slow thought I know it’s important for the author to build rapport at the beginning. But anyway, this book was like those books that you shouldn't give up because it gets better and better.

So the story was set in Europe with Talia, princess of Euphrasia, sleeping for 300 years, being found by Jack (from Miami, who is on a student tour in Europe) who waked her up from her sleep through a kiss. But what if she's not her true true love's kiss? And imagine how a princess waking up after 300 years live in the 21st century. I like the wittiness of the story and how the point of view of both characters was presented. I love the way the author let her readers feel what it's like from two different perspectives. And the moral lessons just how old fairytales go. Obedience. Kindness. Go forth your dreams. Plus the realizations on how's life gone by in the present times.

“I have never heard of a party without gowns. This is turning out to be a very disappointing century.”

Now I can't wait to get "Cloaked"! =]

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