Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New soul

I’ve been out of tune with the OPM industry recently and haven’t been much updated by new bands in the country. Back in highschool, my playlist would be 80% OPM and the rest from foreign acts. Parokya ni Edgar was my all time favorite. Eraserheads, of course, was one of the best Filipino bands that could define what OPM is. Back then, I can name 90% of the songs playing basta OPM. Hehe. Because at least back then, OPM music was still much supported and music hit charts was still conquered  by Filipino artist. But now, you can’t really blame people for listening to foreign music more often than our own OPM. Well, wala naman din masama dun, but the sad thing is that OPM artists in the current time is less noticed than way back in the past. OPM industry is struggling to keep up with the change in time. Kamusta din naman yun mga disbanding na nagaganap? K. Respect. =]

So now, I’m thinking of blogging about upcoming Filipino bands in the future. Feeling hero lang. Lol. Music is my passsion since then. Sounds cliche lang but it’s true. Hehe. My 2yrs experience being in a band (highschool thing) has taught me a lot of things. At first, it’s really hard to get people around believe in you. It’s more of like a taking chances and risks.  Kasi kung gusto mo talaga, nothing can pull you down. Right? Tiyaga lang, and the best thing is bound to happen whatever it takes.=]

Just recently, I’ve heard about this up and coming band that is surely gaining fans in their way up. They have been in the 10th spot in the Pinoy Myx countdown for this week with their  carrier single “The Oracle”. Say hi to Ernville!

Ernville, one of the newest bands to breakout into the music scene, wasted no time
sharing their brand of music much to the excitement of music fanatics. Ernville was one
of the semi-finalists of the 2005 Nescafe Soundskool Battle of the College Bands.
Immediately infecting the crowd with their charm, the band bagged the Texters’ Choice
Award at the said competition.
Since then, Ernville has performed in various productions and being not one to
give up, the band rejoined the Nescafe Soundskool in 2007 and went on to become one
of the 13 bands to make it to the grand finals. Once a mellow rock band, Ernville went
on to discover new influences leading them to shake things up, music-wise. The band
will soon be releasing their debut album, Greatest Hits, on October 7, 2011. Greatest Hits is under Soupstar Music with the carrier single, “The Oracle”. “The Oracle” has recently
entered the Myx Hit Chart, currently placing at number 10.

Saab Magalona has been mentioning them in her blog a couple of times and so I’ve been curious on what they sound like. Opened youtube and searched for them, and clicked on the first one. First song I’ve heard from them was “Gator Rocks”.

Catchy beat, easy listening. Instant like! Same thing with “The Oracle”. Just an observation: Is it just me or the vocalist really sounds like the vocalist of Typecast. =] But I like both bands, that’s for sure. And no intention of comparing.

Anyway, Ernville is recently launching their new album called “Greatest Hits”. Everyone’s invited in their album launch on Oct. 6, 2011 at Robot Lounge & Resto in Makati. Programs starts at 8:30pm. Fellow Soupstar artist, Pedicab and Gaijin.  

But the best thing here, is that this week is our FINALS week. So great! =/ I’m stuck with my books.  I would really like to hear them live but I think I have to wait for some other time. Tss. So if you’re free, go forth and be entertained! Hehe. Their albums will also be available at the venue and will be in stores the next day.
Hear em! =]

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