Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What is "love"?

Yesterday I was searching for our old camera's tripod, which I still can’t find, but instead chanced upon a slumbook I had back in highschool.

 1st yr yata ako nito. One of the best years or maybe THE best year nga.  I have a big group of friends that time which made class breaks and group projects super fun! =] And see that below, "Accountancy (sana)". yea, 1st yr pa lang pala I already know what I'd become. =]

And this is the cute part – "What is love?", straight from 11-14 yr old teen's mind. =] Back in the old times. chos! haha!

 ...begins with friendship. =]

wow. complicated talaga? XD

 ansabe?!?? haha!
 Love is "blind" daw...

 and the contradiction. lol.

It was fun reading back entries. And I think nothing much changed in me, though. haha! E sabi kasi nila "Wag ka sana magbago...". hihi. =] 

What is love? 
- GOD is love. A lesson I learned in our CL subject. hehe. =]

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