Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Finally done with the 1st season of Awkward. It's a new series on MTV which just recently concluded, I think, last month. I'm hooked. I honestly didn't thought I'd like this because it's packed with cliches and teen stereotypes, things you normally see on teen movies. But yep! I'm a fan now, and can't wait for season 2.=]

The 1st season started with Jenna Hamilton, an average high school girl, who's trying to find her place and deal with her own issues. She’s like an “invisible” girl at first until some accident happened to her, which made things change. She went through a lot of "awkward" situations . Watch it and you'll see. =]
Then there's her best friend, Tamara, who’s always there to help Jenna go through every situation. She do wants to be popular and does quirky things just to be in the “in” crowd. I love her! So funny! =]

Then there’s Matty and Jake. Matty, the love interest of Jenna, who is a popular guy in school who have a weird mannerism when he's nervous. And Jake, another popular guy and a best friend of Matty. He started dating with Lissa but eventually grew a feeling with Jenna afterwards in which he's now making a move. But he doesn’t know that there’s also something going on between his bestfriend Matty and Jenna. uh-oh. Talk about awkward.

Then there’s also Valerie, the school’s guidance counselor. She’s been assigned to advice Jenna, which she now treats as her best friend, since the accident happened. She’s like a 'hippie" counselor who thinks she really has this knack on advising teenagers about their issues, but the truth is she also have some issues with herself to take care of.

And her mom, Lacey, who constantly encourages and advice her daughter to get out of her box. She started as a teenage mom so you know the tricks. =]

and Sadie, the antagonist, who has been constantly making things worse for Jenny. She kind of resembles Khloe Kardashian, right? She’s my favorite character! She delivers her lines in a very cute manner. Hehe. Love her! =]
This tv show was undeniably funny which is even mixed with sarcasm at its best. Though it contains a lot of kissing and snogging so be warned. Cliché it is but it surely caught my interest.  I like how each character represents different teen attitude. I think they will start season 2 next yr., so you all have the time to catch up. =]

Jenna's a blogger. And her blog is really in the web. Check it out! =]

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