Sunday, October 23, 2011

Platinum Hit

Back then, I thought singers are always the one who write their own songs because they are even always the ones whose been praised for a wonderful song. And then there came the time I get to know about the "composers/songwriters" behind them. I seriously think they deserve more the recognition compared to the artist. I have a hobby of analyzing songs when I'm listening to them, specifically the story brought up by the lyrics. That's why I'm always highly impressed when a hit song was personally written by the singer himself, definitely a total package. Though most of the time the melody or beat is what one first considers, lyrics is really, I think, the element that truly defines a song. 

And then insert here the TV show "Platinum Hit". Hehe. It already ended last August as seen on Bravo TV. I only got a copy from my friend and thank God for a month long sem break, because finally I can able to watch all the series that passed up on me.

Platinum Hit is like Project Runway and America's Top Model, the only difference is that the contestants are aspiring songwriters instead of designers/models. 12 singer-songwriters are chosen to battle it out on who among them has the capability to write the hit song that would eventually win them a publishing and recording deal plus $100,000. The hardship and talent of those less noticed people behind every song are finally recognized! Yay for this show! =]

In every episode, they start off with a hook or the catchy part in every song. Each week, they are given a theme and each songwriter's task is to come up with a hook based on the theme in 30 mins. Top 3 hooks would be chosen which is to be developed into a full song. The top 3 songwriters would also have the chance to choose their own team mates among the other contestants left. In each session they would be given a time frame to finish everything, from the lyrics to the melody and arrangement. Then after the performance, the judges would decide on whose song is a hit or a miss. And from that group, one member would be eliminated. The head judge is Kara DioGuardi who’s formerly a AI judge. Every week, guest judges would also be seen like hitmakers Taio Cruz, Ryan Tedder and Donna Summer.

As what I’ve read from the internet write-ups, Platinum Hit has been kind of a flop. Tsk.tsk. Really? I honestly thought it’s a hit there. The show’s interesting plus each constestant has his/her own personality that I think anyone could relate to. Tss. Bahala sila! Haha! Some of my favorites since day one were Sonyae and Nick, they are the ones who have the strongest personality, but they use it as their strength.

Sonyae - undeniably one of the great lyricist among others. She always comes up with unique concepts in every session. Among them all, she's the only one who can't play any instrument. What she has only got packed up for this was her hit ideas plus her great great voice, which is much enough for her to get through. One thing that just puts her down is the ear for a hit melody as the judges always emphasize about her. But still, she's really the one of the great contenders in this competition.

Nick - the douche bag in the pack. He's most of the time in this I'm-the-best-here-so-I-don't-care-if-you-hate-me-because-I-know-I'll-win-this attitude. A lot of them doesn't want to be with him in a team because of his attitude. But If I were the one in there, I'd choose him for he knows what collaboration really means. He knows how to work it to make it happen.

One thing I've realized from this show is that if you just let yourself be a pushover, you'd just be underestimated till the end and you won't really be able to reach your full potentials. Not "fighting" for what you think is right won't lead you to anything. But I guess we already know that. =] I also got a lot of favorite songs from this show, which will surely land on my new playlist for this month.

I think this show would be interesting if the franchise would be brought here in the Philippines. It's time to show new talents. Enough of the endless singing competitions, we already know a lot of Filipinos could sing. But the untapped talent for songwriting is still something to be discovered. Plus it would even help the OPM industry because we could all see the making of potential hit songs.

Ay nako ABS-CBN and GMA. Haha! Breathe of fresh air ito! For sure, sawa na ang marami sa singing constests. At least ito, new concept naman. =]

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