Monday, October 24, 2011

PFW 2011: L'Oreal Presents Michael Cinco

I just got home from my first ever Philippine Fashion Week experience. Tonight is the most frustrating night, by far, in my life. Gaaah! As in talaga. Maybe I'm just preoccupied by so many things. Anyway, this week shall be the best week for this month. Yep. Read that right. This SHALL be. Haha! I'm already declaring it.

So forward to the main story. I got to watch the L’Oreal Paris Fashion Show featuring the internationally recognized Michael Cinco, a famous Filipino designer who I only first heard from Project Runway. I'm only the plus one of my friend Cheyz who got 2 free invites so thanks to her! =] First of all, I'm not planning to be like other fashion bloggers here so don't expect any technical definitions or any jargons from the fashion world. The only thing that made me want to come here is for the photo ops. We recently got a new Canon dslr, so I really want to test its capabilities and try to get decent photos to build up my portfolio in the future. Oh yes. I'm a frustrated photographer. My passion ignited since my experience on being a photographer for our college paper. I'll just put this into sections to make it simpler.

What to wear?

Imagine the horror when I only just realized in the morning that where we will be going is a fashion event. I'm a laid-back type of person or we can say "pang-bahay look" most of the time so just imagine that. Hoho! So just skip the details on that and just focus on what people wear in events like this. It’s all with the HEELS, which I don’t have. Definitely, stunning heels would be a great start up on building your look. 95% of the people I saw there, wore heels. I seriously thought it's a requirement Haha! Another tip I could give is wear black if you're really not sure. Semi-formal is the stated attire on the invite, but we didn't got the memo earlier. Anyway, just wear decent clothes, plus the venues a bit dark so it won't really get noticed unless you're a Guest seated in the front rows. Hehe. A lot wore dress and skirts but I still also saw some other wear jeans/shorts. Just don't wear maong shorts or slippers. No explanations needed. =]

What time to go?

At least 1 hr before the show starts. The show was supposed to start at 7:30 but s early as 6:45, people are already lining up in front of the doors. So come early if you want unobstructed view of the runway.

Look how good obstructed are view up here. =/ 

Photo ops.

Tried squeezing my way in front of the runway

And insert here the frustrated me. If you're a first timer like me, and just went there to get decent photos, here's what I can advise you. Come early. Don't even try to get a sit; just go straight in the front side of the runway. Find a suitable place before more people arrive and stand on the sides. A lot of photographers were on the front part, because for obvious reasons. There will be a lot tripods plus tall people obscuring your view if you won't find your spot fast. I'm 5'5 in height, and I've never ever felt short in my life not until tonight. Even if I was tiptoeing and all, I still can't see anything. Gaaah! Ansabe ng flats ko sa tall guys and high heeled girls. Hoho! Frustrating! Plus the most noob mistake I made is that I haven't even thought of my lenses. A basic 18-55 lens for a fashion show? Haha! I want to laugh on myself. Lol. It was super frustrating on how I wanted to zoom more but my lenses won't let me. And imagine those pros doing their thing. I'm seeing all these great photos from their screen while the poor me is twitching in her cam trying her best on what she have. Lol. I swear I won't be going again to events like this if I won't be able to get in the front rows. Haha! I almost went to every available spot near the runway, but to no avail, I only got these. Frustrating!

And I only managed to get back shots of the models. Lol. Note: This is even cropped photos because of all the huge lenses getting in my way. =]
 And then I tried going to the other side of the runway... and this is the closest I can get.

The show only lasted for approx. 45mins. The gowns were undeniably stunning especially the white ball gown something like that dress. It's a Wow!. Plus of course, Anne Curtis is effortlessly amazing as always with a red Michael Cinco gown in the latter part of the show. The collection was simply amazing. They even had set up a shower in the middle of the runway, what a nice addition for the production. Thanks to L’Oreal for making this happen. It was a nice first time experience (less my crazy frustration). Haha! 

Some of the blurred shots I got. nyahaha!

The rain effect! =] Cool!

My fave gown among all! =] Though I didn't gave justice to its gorgeous white color.

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