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Singapore trip: Day 1 - Night Safari

Aug. 26

My much awaited trip for this month has finally arrived. yey! I’ve been so excited for this that I have to forget everything until our finals are over and sembreak starts. As in hindi talaga ako maka-concentrate. haha! I packed my things just an hour before I went to bed because I still had chikka moments with my friends the day before we leave, and they don’t know I’m going to SG. hehe. Talk about last minute, but at least I didn’t left anything. I only slept for almost 1 and a half hr. Left the house early in the morning for our 5:50am flight.

Arrive at the airport around 4am.
I got the window seat! =]
The  leg room of Tiger Airways. Normal space.
Hello SG! =]
Tiger Airways uses the Budget Terminal. They don’t have the tubes here so you have to walk down the plane. From Budget Terminal, you can ride the free shuttle bus to Terminal 2 where you can ride the MRT going to the city. Don’t forget to buy your EZ-Link cards at the ticketing office if you plan to go around using public transportation. It costs S$12 which includes a S$5 non-refundable fee and the remaining S$7 as your prepaid value that you can use in the MRT, bus and selected cabs.

The cab we had going to our hotel had his own GPS navigator. Ikaw na!

We got in the hotel before 12pm and we were already allowed to check in because the room was already cleaned. Nice! One of the front desk staffs was even a Filipina, though she already  got the Singaporean accent. After putting our bags down we headed to Lucky Plaza to had our pesos exchanged. In the bus, a Filipina called on us to help. Napansin niya siguro na windang na kami and hindi namin alam saan kami baba. haha! Good thing, she was also headed to Lucky Plaza and even accompanied us till we were already sure where we are going. Filipinos are everywhere in Orchard! Plus they really are a great help not like those locals we asked for directions to the hotel earlier. Well, I can’t really blame them. Siguro hindi sila gala. hehe!

Before heading straight to LP, we saw this Starhub office located in this underpass. And  guess what? One of the staffs is a Filipina again! hehe. We inquired about the Night Safari tickets which regularly costs S$32. But in here, tickets only costs S$28. What a steal! =] She also suggested us to take the bus near Grand Hyatt Hotel that would take us straight to Night Safari.
Lucky Plaza is like a Filipino Mall in SG.
See? =]

While waiting for the 6pm shuttle going to Night Safari, we went around Orchard Rd and went inside various malls around the place. We even went inside a classy hotel. haha! Unlike here in the PH, guards won’t be seen anywhere. We sat on the comfy couches of the hotel for awhile plus they also got free WiFi in there. Sweet! =]

The bus arrived earlier than the scheduled time so better be early because the bus won’t wait for passengers because they still have to go to some more pick-up points. The one-way ride costs S$4.50 for an adult.
We first went to the tram station to line up as there were already a lot of people in there.IMG_0732
The tram ride was a very nice experience. It goes around the “forest”. And along you’ll see different animals just some feet away from the tram. They are not caged so you’ll see them closely. Kawawa naman sila, lagi siguro silang puyat. Hindi naman yata lahat ng nandun nocturnal animals. Flash photography is not allowed. I don’t know the best setting for times like these so sorry for the crappy photos.
A giraffe! I got a less shaky photo. yey! =]
Another less shaky photo. yey! I seriously find these animals cute. =]IMG_0759
Creatures of the Night Show.
They picked a Japanese girl from the audience to experience the large snake. And they they had this little act and the lights were turned off leaving the girl, with the snake in her neck, standing in the middle of the stage. Bad. =] Good job to the Japanese girl! =]
I super enjoyed the show. they interact with the audience and had this high energy to keep everyone entertained. A must-see! =]

After the show, we headed back to the hotel and ate somewhere near Bugis Market. They got big servings which I think is almost good for two people. The chicken was too big! at least it's worth the price! =]

The drink Kuya ordered which ended up to me. He ordered an iced tea but the lady said something we didn’t understand and we just agreed. haha! Turned out it was some kind of a milk tea. I just took it and gave my bottled water to Kuya. Buti na lang nasanay na ako sa milk tea last sem. hehe.

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