Sunday, October 30, 2011

Singapore Trip: Sentosa + Marina Bay

2nd day was the day for a quick tour around Sentosa island and Marina Bay at night.

We rode bus 65 going to HarbourFront. It’s a 45min. ride from Bencoolen St. to Vivo City.

We opted to enter Sentoda through the Boardwalk. Just follow the signs inside Vivo City mall and you’ll see this. =]

There’s a walkalator you can step on so you won’t really feel tired if you choose this option. A nice walk to Sentosa with beautiful sceneries along the way.

Our USS is planned the next day but me and Kuya already had our picture taken with the famous rotating globe. Excited much? haha! We also redeemed our tickets  at the basement while we were there para less hassle bukas.

So maaaaaaaany people in front of USS.

We also registered for Resort’s World and got an ID and a bag. cool. =] Though I’m still not allowed inside the Casino. tss.

Free wi-fi is available around Resort’s World Sentosa. So what do you expect? haha! Don’t disturb. =]]

Merlion #1

Nice body…uhmm…  bones I mean? =]

Luge and Skyride, the only ride we took at Sentosa. It’s a must! Don’t ever forget to go on these and you’ll see why one ride is never enough. =] The Luge is like a go-kart type of ride where you ride on this “luge” and slide down their long track and you have all the control to go swerve and turn and speed up or slow down using only the handles in front. Fun fun FUN! =]]

Didn’t notice the “no photos could be taken” sign up there before this shot. sorry. =]

After the Luge is the Sky ride. It’s like those ski lifts in snowy countries. You sit on a chari and it will lift you up in the air. I prefer this more than cable cars because it’s more thrilling to have your feet dangling freely while you’re up in the air. hehe. I was the only one who wasn’t afraid of heights so I almost got nobody to ride with me. Buti na lang napasakay ko si Mama and Kuya, besides bayad na yun. hehe. They were like frozen habang nasa taas kami. lol.

The view from up here. 12pm pa lang kaya siguro wala pa masyadong riders. If you won’t be going on cable cars, this would be a good alternative. =]

Went back to Vivo City for lunch. Took the Sentosa Express going back. It costs S$3 for a ride from Vivo to Sentosa via Sentosa Express while going back is already free of charge.
Had lunch at Food Central where there’s a lot of stalls you could choose from. Prices range from $S5-6 and up. I had this Black Pepper Beef from some Korean Stall where the cashier is a Filipina. See? Plus another, the lady we bought drinks from Sentosa is also a Filipina. hehe. Filipinos are seriously everywhere! Servings in SG is always full so every cent you pay is really worth it. Super busog lang. Sarap! =]

After lunch,  we went to Mustafa Center in Little India to check out the stuffs there. We only bought chocolates for pasalubong. They also sell electronics, clothes and bags just like a department store. But if you’re buying shirts or keychains, Bugis Market is more preferable.

After Mustafa, we first went back to our Hotel. And lakad to the max kami! haha! No bus stops in sight kaya nag-rely na lang kami sa handy dandy map. And success! =] After an hour we headed now to Marina Bay before sun set out.

Baby Merlion! =]

And the giant Merlion! =]

Esplanade at night.

Another funny story is when a guy approached me while I was busy focusing my cam. feeling photographer? hehe. He was selling a baller for S$5 where the proceeds will go to their supported school children. And guess what? He’s a filipino! He thought I was chinese. Lol! Pinadala sila ng school org or something to raise fund for their project. wow. Effort ha? I wonder kung ano goal nila and paano kung mas malaki pa yung plane ticket sa nakuha nilang donation? hmm. Hanggang SG pa talaga? lol.

S$1 ice cream

Went back to our hotel after,but first passed Bugis Market and did a bit of shopping. just a bit. hehe

Haloween inspired beetle cars in front of Bugis Junction

Till next post. antok na ako. Zzz.

Happy Haloween! =]

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