Thursday, November 3, 2011

Singapore Trip: USS

3rd day of the trip is scheduled for my much awaited Universal Studios Singapore trip. yey! =] We headed straight to Sentosa Express so we could get to USS early. It’s almost 10am when we got there and a lot of people are already there and I was already rushing them because long lines might be  forming already. Excited ako? LOL.


But honestly, you don’t need to rush in. 10am is the park’s opening time but they let people even before 10. When we went inside a lot of people is already walking around the park. And I’m again hearing a lot of Tagalog convo around. hihi.

Vintage cars in front of Mel’s Diner

 Kyoooooooooooot! =]

We went first at “Lights, Camera, Action! by Steven Spielberg”. We’re second in line so we’re placed at the first level nearest to the stage. And this is the best place, believe me! hehe. They let you experience a major hurricane happening in New York, just how Hollywood people do it. A for amazing talaga. Don’t miss this, it’s a very cool experience, especially if you’ll be in the front row. =]

Next stop: Sci-Fi City. We just tried the Accelerator because I seriously don’t have the guts to try Battlestar Galactica. haha! Space Shuttle pa nga lang ng EK never pa ako nag-try, ito pa. LOL.
The round thing in the middle of each can also be moved. Just spin it really hard. hehe. Nalaman lang namin nung patapos na yung ride, di tuloy ako nahilo.

Hanggang pictures lang ako. Lol.

Choose one:

Ancient Egypt

Nothing much in here, except for the giant statues around. And of course the “Revenge of the Mummy” ride! =] If you also don’t have the intestines to ride Battlestar,  but still you want to experience an exciting ride, this one’s for you! =] If you missed Battlestar, don’t ever miss on this. As in! hehe.

From the entrance, the staff would already give you a head start that this is a “high speed indoor roller coaster”. Be warned. chos!

~to go or not to go? hehe.

No bags allowed inside, so no pictures inside. They rent out lockers in the side which is free for 30mins. It’s a long long walk inside with matching background music that adds up to the creepiness/excitement. =] Maybe one reason for this is you still have the choice to back out if you’re not sure. hehe. The two girls in front of us eventually searched for the nearest exit when we are already half the way. We almost backed out but good thing we didn’t. haha! When we finally reached the line for the ride we only waited for a minute for the next coaster. And they’re true to their words, it’s really a high speed roller coaster! It’s dark in there and next thing you’ll know, the coaster is diving into the darkness. A lot of people says it’s like the Space Mountain of Disneyland. But I have yet to experience that so I can’t compare. But definitely Revenge of the Mummy was a thrilling ride you shouldn’t miss. =]

Next stop: The Lost World & Far Far Away
I wasn’t able to try Canopy Flyer because no want wants to ride with me. Tss. So off we go to Shrek 4D first.

Their theater was large enough to occupy a LOT of people. Be prepared to be spitted by Donkey. After the show, we headed to WaterWorld just in time before the show starts. We seated on the dry zone. But if you’re ready to be splashed on, go seat near the stage. The casts were good actors plus they’re funny too.

 I enjoyed the splashing of water to those people in the splash zone. hehe. The overall production was also nice, you’ll really see where the S$66 entrance fee goes.

Next was Madagascar. And too bad I didn’t get to see the Penguins! And Puss in Boots!.=[

 Last show we watched is the Monster Rock Show at Hollywood. It’s a musical show with monsters coming alive to rock on. huh? Lol. I enjoyed it a lot unlike Kuya who was even tapped by one of the cast because he’s already slumping on his seat. tss! I love musicals so definitely this show is on my top list to watch here. They even did Nobody by Wondergirls. haha!

After the show, we just went around some of the stores. After some minutes umulan na so umalis na kami. Though  most of the places in USS has roofs, so worry not. Bye Puss in Boots, I’ll see you some other time! =[

My colorful lunch that day. =] Korean mixed veggies at Food Republic.

My potion bottle from USS! =]

After USS, bad trip na dahil sa naubos na oras sa bus. argh. So Bugis Junction lang kami nung gabi na. brr.

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