Friday, November 11, 2011

Last day at SG plus tips

Last SG-related post. hihi! Got a bit lazy after school started. =]

Last day was just spent on last minute shopping. We checked out at 12pm and left our luggage at the hotel to roam around the nearby malls before we go to the airport for our 5:20 pm flight. Around 2.30pm, we already left the hotel and took the train again going to Changi. It only took us about 40mins from Bugis station to Terminal 2, if my memory serves me right. Hehe. We finished all the check in and stuffs in just a short time, leaving us more than an hour to sit and rest before boarding.

Budget Terminal is not that bad, though it's much smaller compared to the main Changi Airport. They only got a few shops for souvenirs and stuffs inside. They also got some PCs in one area where you can surf the web for free. I think they also have free wifi there, but I didn't get to try it. They also got 3 for S$10 store inside but for shirts, it's better to finish your pasalubong shopping at Bugis Market. You can also spend off your remaining coins at 7eleven which is also inside the departure area. There's also a lot of seats/couch/bench around the area. Just in front of 7eleven, you can waste your time stenciling in this wooden table with various embossed designs promoting Eco-friendliness, perfect for kids and kids at heart. Hehe.

My masterpiece. Lol. I wasn't able to finish it because it's already boarding time. Boo.

In Budget Terminal, you have to walk at the tarmac. No tubes (whatever it is called) connected to the plane. What if it rains? IDK.

That's all folks! =] Thank you Lord God for our safe trip back and forth.
 A fun, fun 4 day trip for us!

TIPS: (feeling expert lang. hehe)

Getting around SG:

·        Don't forget to buy an Ez-linkcard if you're planning to go around by yourself. You can buy it first at Changi Terminal 2 train station. It costs S$12, the 5 would be non-refundable and 7 would be the usable value. You could use it on buses and train and also on some selected cabs. You can top it up on 7eleven stores with a min. amount of S$10.

·         Get a map. It would be your best buddy in your trip. We found our way from Mustafa back to Summerview at Bencoolen St. using the map. Lakad lakad lang. Hehe.
·         Check on the landmarks/street names around the hotel you'll be staying in. This would help you when you're taking a bus. Bus stops have different route/stop when you're going from pt. A to pt. B and pt. B to pt. A. In other words, if you took a bus to some place you won't be alighting at the same stop when you go back. Unless you want the bus to finish off its entire pt. B to pt. A route, which is a waste of time.
·         Cabs have different flag down rates and it's also costs more when you ride on peak hours.


·         If you're on a tight budget, hawker center is the place to go. It's a food court in public places. The price ranges from S$2 - S$5 on average. Different stalls, mostly Indian and Chinese food and also Korean. Some places you could try are Maxwell Center at China Town and SG Food Trail near SG Flyer.
·         Restaurants at the mall would most probably be pricier for obvious reasons. At Vivo City, we ate at Food Republic which is much like a food court too with wide choice of cuisines. The price ranges from S$4 and up for a meal.
·         Don't stick on rice meals on the rest of your trip. Corny yun. Hehe. Here are some to start off your list: Hainanese chicken, Kaya toast, Laksa and more. Ako na yata lagi may pinaka-weird na inoorder sa amin. Lol.


·         Better rates at Mustafa Center at Little India or Lucky Plaza at Orchard Rd. You can just bring your PHP in to exchange directly for SGD.

Cheap souvenir hunting

·         We mostly bought stuffs at Bugis Market because it’s only a 5 minute walk from the hotel.
·         You can buy chocolates at Mustafa Center (Little India). Chocolates are a bit cheaper there. It’s like a department store where they also sell electronics/bags/shirts and a lot more.
·         I suggest buying your key chains and shirts at Bugis Market. They have 3 for S$10 shirts there but of course don’t expect good quality. Better shirts priced at S$12, not bad at all. =] And if I’m not mistaken, I saw one of the stalls selling 18 key chains for S$10.
·         I also got to buy a lot of cute necklaces there! Yey! =]

What to do?
  • Like visiting temples? Take a walk at Little India or Chinatown.
  • Animal Sightings? Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Zoo
  • Animal Sightings w/a cold night breeze? Night Safari! =]
  • High-end shopping? Orchard Rd.
  • Fun? Of course, Universal Studios! =]
  • Tour the Sentosa Island! Don’t forget to try the SkyLine Luge Ride! =]
  • And be lost! #chos
Very, very USEFUL apps. to download:

 1. Singapore SMRT

- complete route of SMRT.
- you may plan your route and know the est. travel time with this.

2. SG Buses

- compete list of public buses including the list of bus stops of each
- you can also search for the suggested route and the bus you'll ride on (internet connection needed)
- this is the most used app on our trip. This plus a map, and you're ready to go! =]

3. Singapore Maps

- map of Singapore (obviously). An alternative for those who don't want to look lost in public. Lol.
- It also give you directions and the est. fare and travel time. (internet connection needed)

4.  Singapore mtrip travel guide
- best app. if you don't have any plans yet.
- It provides a list of Attractions/ Restaurants/ Shopping Center/ Bars/ Hotels
- You may choose from those listed and plot it on your travel dates OR just give your preferences and this app would instantly provide you a suggested itinerary for your whole trip. You still can edit the result after.

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