Monday, November 28, 2011

Zoo-per day: Avilon Zoo

One random Sunday, mama woke me up and asked me if I want to go to Avilon Zoo. Ok? Is it because I'm always watching Daldalita these past few days? Lol. It turned out that Papa had long been planning to visit it plus my pamangkin would be turning 4 in a few days so we tagged him with us. I don't usually see him so I can seriously feel his awkwardness in the back seat. hehe.

It's a very long drive from Cavite to Rodriguez, Rizal. And its napaka-unstrategic location was harder to find because of lack of signage in the main road. They have been open for a long time already but still they can't provide simple arrows. We only got a view of their one and only sign about more than a km. away from the zoo. Annoying. Kala ko alam na nila Papa yung way, too late to know that they have a map in their website. Annoying x2.

The "less-traveled" road. You can drive down that river going to Avilon but of course we opted to go around the other way.

At last! Hello Avilon Zoo!

Entrance fee is 300php and 200php for kids 3ft. and below. It's a 7.5 hectare zoo so the lady asked us if we would want to hire a tour guide for 400php. We're four in the group, I'm not sure though if it's the same rate for larger groups. I asked if they have at least a map so we could just explore it by ourselves. And the answer is... none. They have a 7.5 hectare zoo and they don't even bother to even plot a simple map for convenience? We also told her about the need for signage in the main road. She said that's really one of their problem and they're now in the process. Ok, at least aminado sila. =]

Having had to decide a name for this wildlife sanctuary, Jake thought of combining two French words: AVES meaning of or about BIRDS, and LON meaning LAND, to form the word AVILON or LAND OF THE BIRDS. Of course Avilon zoo isn't just about birds, with its large exhibits of more than 3000 specimens of exotic and indigenous animals represented by more than 600 species of birds, mammals, reptiles, fishes and invertebrates as well as close to 400 species of plants of which more than half are endemic to the Philippines, Avilon Zoo is one of the zoos in Southeast Asia having the most diverse representation of flora and fauna.
AVILON ZOO embraces the philosophy: Celebrating Life! Life is precious and every living creature on Earth has a right to live --- freely and fully. Avilon Zoo showcases the Living Creatures that share the Earth with us in all its diversity and splendor; its cycles of birth and rebirth; its fragility and resiliency.

   - text copied from their website, which I think was updated last year pa.

First thing you’ll pass by is their canteen, though you can bring in food and drinks inside. Better. They also offer balsa for rent if you want to eat in the heat of the sun while floating in the water. joke. It’s shaded.

Si mother Daisy! Haha. (I was referring to one of the characters in Daldalita, in case you’re wondering)

The funny gibbon! Warning: Don’t read the next sentence if you’re eating. I have a video of him pulling his poop out with his bare hands and examining it. It’s interesting. LOL.

The lazy orangutan. I can’t blame him, he’s alone there and they got high voltage wires below in case he jump out. Kawawa lang. =[

Someone needs a mani/pedi.

I have this weird mannerism from time to time. I tend to bend my head sidewards and let it hang when I’m watching tv or when I’m idle. And I think it runs in the blood. Lol.

Meet my friend Trixie (not sure with the name). hehe. You pay 50php for a photo op with the animals each in different stations using your own camera. It’s supposed to be limited to 2 shots only but they’re nice enough to let us take endless shots. haha! Maybe that only applies if there’s a lot of customers.

Her hand is heavy! XD

Cute! =]

Love the color!

Oh yes, they’re pecking me!

Love this shot.

Parking space.

The rough road.

It was a really nice zoo, only if given a more accessible location and attention on details it could gain again more visitors and be a hotspot for tourists and locals. I love how spacious the pathways are plus the close encounter to some of their animals. They don’t have an elephant and a giraffe. I think they have snakes in there but we haven’t seen it. They should really check out even those simple things needed, it’s a waste of money kung papabayaan lang nila after so many years. They have to feed an entire zoo everyday. Sad.

Sorry if this post takes time to load because of so many photos in it. I can’t stop myself. I still have to share some of my fave shots. haha!


Avilon Zoo
Bo. San Isidro, Rodriguez, (Montalban) Rizal, Philippines
(632) 948-9866, (632) 941-8393, (632) 941-8530

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