Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday fun!

It was a fun filled Saturday for me because there's so much happening in just a day.

1. Buy AJ Rafael tickets
- at last! I finally got to go to a ticketworld outlet on my way. I didn’t have classes that day because my professors for that day are absent. haha! We went to Rob. Manila and went straight to their customer service at the ground floor. I even got a bit pissed off because no one was assisting us or even asking what we need. wow! Great service, huh? Anyway, I’m already set to go on Jan. 18! I didn’t got to buy the VIP tix with m&g because first, I’m still broke from our SG trip. Second, the remaining seats are already far way back and besides I already got to see  (and hug!) AJ last year when he went to MOA. haha! Sorry for that bragging vibe there. lol. See you, my fellow AJR filipino supporters! =]

2. Bazaar hopping
While watching tv, I randomly talked about the ongoing bazaar at World Trade Center and PICC Tent and thinking about going there because they really have good bargains. And just the least I was expecting, Papa agreed to go see the bazaar tonight and after an hour (and a couple more hours because of traffic) we’re already there parking and walking towards PICC. ahuh! The Noel Bazaar opened at PICC tent yesterday and will last till Dec. 18 but it will transfer to World Trade Center again on Dec. 23. The area was a bit smaller. They also have an area there where GMA artists’ items are on sale (which is mostly from Jaya). After going around I only got 1 blouse and Papa bought a mug. And so after rounding up the whole area, off we go to WTC to check out the other bazaar. Obviously it’s bigger. Entrance fee also costs 50php same with Noel Bazaar. And some of the stalls from Noel were also there. A lot more stalls of course and I was already tired halfway because there’s so many people but still I got to  snag some more bargain stuffs. =] 50 php was more worth it there because there’s a lot more stalls. Just don’t go on a weekend.

3. Hunger Games shirt! (save the best for last, lol)
Mama texted me while I was at school that my package has already arrived. And I already know what that is. hehe! MY first ever online purchase. And of course, for the love of HG! As soon as I heard about the HG inspired shirts of @SkipTrain that @HungerGamesPhil mentioned, I signed up on the pre-order form at once. I haven’t even done these for Harry Potter (maybe because I wasn’t lurking on fan pages back then), sad. This is my first time buying online so I’m still new to the shipping and paying. Good thing is they reply to every inquiry/question, and FAST. =] I deposited and sent the scanned slip last Wednesday, around 2pm. They only sent it to the courier on Thursday, even had a small problem with the courier (which they told me at once) but good thing it was solved that night so it’s not further delayed. So everything’s set and they gave me 1-2 business days for the package to arrive. Got it after 2 days. Good! =]
The red packaging

Love the tag! =]



Unisex, medium

They’ve got a lot more designs. Check their FB page or tweet Skip Train to order your shirts now. Good night Tributes! =]

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