Monday, December 19, 2011

11th World Bazaar

Sorry for this very late post. Lazy me.

The 11th World Bazaar recently concluded last Sunday at the World Trade Center. I’ve already mentioned this in my last post. But I just want to share it again. haha! And this time, I got my cam with me. I took some photos, but please excuse the crappiness of them. I was discreetly taking photos because my friend said that it’s prohibited. But I don’t see any signs. err. But anyway, I wal also busy scanning all over the place.

The hour long bus ride to WTC. Hello traffic!

I just love taking photos of water dripping on windows. It gives me a warm cozy feeling. =]
We went there last Thursday after class. We also stopped by at the Gadget side of the bazaar. And we just ogled on these bladeless fan. haha! Can someone explain to me how this works? So cool!

And off we went to the other side. I was just suppose to buy the blouse mama was asking me to buy but ended up buying some more stuffs. Hard to resist on super low priced items. They got so much variety of items there. And in our 1st hour, we even just ended up trying out those free samples and buying food on different stalls. haha! 

It was a weekday but still the crowd gets bigger in just a short time.

Cute mug!

My friend got to buy a sneakers in this stall for just P340!
After getting our feet tired, we went back to UST again for the Agape and Pre-Paskuhan Concert …which would be on my next post.

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