Friday, March 2, 2012

Wong Fu live in Manila!

I seriously think 2012 would be a year of concerts/shows for me.  I seriously have to get a job asap after passing my boards. Haha! I’m not even a fan of watching concerts of big artists (too mainstream, jk.) but if you’ll say YouTube artists... definitely hard to resist! Err.  And destiny’s killing me by bringing all those Youtube artists, I only used to see on the screen of my laptop, in Manila! I never even thought that this time could possibly come because PH seems like a Narnia for others. But hey, they’re here!  

Last night was another surreal moment for me. Fiction definitely became reality! The first filmmakers who I followed on YT is here in Manila! Good thing Soulmanna Live heard our desperate calls on Twitter to include us on their Asia Tour. It’s a random night back in Jan. 31 when the good news came out but then I only bought my ticket last week.  I almost thought the odds won’t be in my favor because first, I don’t have anyone to go with and second, I’m not sure if I have the guts to home alone from Greenhills to Cavite after. But anyway, I still managed to go despite that odds. I just can’t pass out on these rare opportunity. Hah! =]
I still went alone though. And I think it’s not that bad. Haha! I managed to meet some “Forever-alone-wongfuloves” (thanks to Twitter!) too at the venue.  Meeting the Nice Guys and meeting new friends made that night purely worth it!

I got there around 6pm and we went in at around 6:30. I also got to buy a NG shirt. Not gonna lie, the price shocked me. Haha! And so I was forced to rob my atm because I just can’t go home without a NG shirt!! =]

Blurred photo of the table full of Wong Fu stuff!

The show promptly started at 7:30pm. As soon as the lights dimmed out the crowd was cheering and moments after, the lights came back and there they was, Phil and Wes standing in front of us.

 Yes, finally seeing them out of the screen! =]  Too bad, Ted can’t come on tour for some reasons. It’s an intimate night, as what they’ve also said. They’re right on that vibe like we are only on a living room chatting up with them. No host, only the two of them on stage. Very memorable night.

They started the show with a brief introduction of themselves and what WongFu is.  They didn’t had filmmaking as their degree in college and they only work on a small/no budget but still they come up with awesome videos. One of the so many things they said that made mark on me is about how filmmaking graduates requires st some point a big budget when they start making videos. This is just my opinion, but I think a good filmmaker who passionately loves their craft can work on and fit things how small or big the budget is. But then, I think that what happens when much knowledge on the subject matter makes everything look complicated and requiring a lot of specifics. Whatever. Lol. Anyway, my point is that Wong Fu does it good even if they only have the 3 of them and some of their friends. And that's why I look up on them. Improvising is the key, and Wong Fu does it best. They started out with only a regular camcorder back then and only did videos for class projects but look how they’ve gone.


Won't even start

"One Million Subscribers!"

 their "1 millionth subscriber"

They also brought along and played for us some of their shorts/MV (Kung Fooled, Shell, Won’t even start MV) where they gladly talked about after what’s going on behind the camera while they’re doing it. They also showed some more videos after plus an unrelease short still which is still not on its final cut. This unreleased short got some interesting plot, indeed. I seriously love the ideas coming up with these 3 nice guys, I think they were destined to meet each other and be friends to come up with awesome videos. Watch their videos and you’ll see what I mean. The last part was the Q&A portion. A lot of good questions were asked that made us know them and their craft better.  Too bad, time is limited. It ended up past 9. One and a half hour is just too short. And btw, their videos are flawlessly good on big screen! =]

WongFu 4 Lyfe!!! OvvO

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