Tuesday, February 14, 2012


One random day, my friends and I found ourselves standing in front of a Korean resto and *poof* we went in and stuffed ourselves with spicy Korean food to our heart’s content. yea, we are random just like that. chos lang! haha! Anyway, last Thursday after class we decided to eat lunch at a Korean resto near our school because one of my friends haven’t tried it yet. And this would be an opportunity for me to update my almost forgotten blog. hihi. #bloggerproblems


Hanayo is a two-story Korean food house situated at Antonio street which is just a couple of steps away from Dapitan gate of UST. From what I remember, they had been there for more than 2 years already and they are the first (ok, that’s just a rough estimation and gut feel) of their kind in the area. I still even remember how amused I was the first time I’ve tried their fish-shaped vanilla ice cream sandwich back then and how I kept raving about it to my friends. hehe.


We went there a couple of minutes before 12noon and almost all the tables in the first floor are already occupied. We still managed to get a seat though while a copy of their menu is given as soon as you are seated. They will also give your table an order slip where you check on your orders and pay at the counter. Waiting time would be approx. 5 – 10 mins.

Almost of us ordered “Rameon w/Dumpling”. It’s a spicy noodle soup with that distinct hot and spicy taste which reminds me of the intense taste of “Laksa” in SG. The soup is coupled with small servings of kimchi and spicy fish cakes, just like in any other Korean restaurant. Honestly, I think a bowl of Rameon can be shared by two persons (unless you’re that hungry). I haven’t finished it off, but surely I must say I have my two thumbs up on it. The serving size was large enough for its very reasonable price. I’m not an expert in Korean cuisines, but for me the taste is just right for beginners. I love the hot and spicy taste that makes your eyes tear up unknowingly. haha! My friend ordered Omu Rice, which is also good and satisfying according to her. All worth it!


You can help yourself with service water near the counter or you could opt to try out their drinks. Below is a can of Cider (P35).


For desserts, you may choose from their variety of Korean ice cream to wash away the after taste of the food. Group up with your friends to avail of their ongoing promo.


Here’s a shot of their menu. I love how they put on photos of each dish to help you in deciding. I wasn't able to take a shot of everything because the food already arrived.


The place is a good hangout place for those who loves cozy and warm ambience. They have a wide array of dishes to choose from that would surely make you want to go back soon to try ‘em all (that sounded like Pokemon, err). And of course, don’t forget to try their ice creams for dessert! Happy eating! jal meokkesseumnida!

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