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Don't leave Universal Studios Singapore without trying out these attractions!

The whole 2nd day was supposed to be spent to Universal Studios Singapore (USS) till closing. The sad part is that there's a special event to be held at USS that night so they closed early at 5pm. grr! So we strategically planned on what rides we are going to try. We haven't even got to have a picture with any of the characters. Well, we tried once, but the line cut when our turn was next. What a fortunate day.

So here's a list of the top rides you shouldn't miss when in Universal Studios Singapore. Be sure to be there early, like 9am be at the gates already. haha! And make these in your top list to ride first thing when you enter or else you would suffer long lines with a minimum of 90mins waiting time. Yes, I know you know that by now.

Go first on the rides you really want to try while most of the people take photos around, you could do that later on that day when you're already tired. Enjoy! :)

#1  TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle

No doubt, this is my top favorite attraction in Universal Studios Singapore, by far. This was still under construction during my first visit but all I had ever read since it opened to the public, were rave reviews. That’s why I made it a point that I’ll be lining up here first thing when we get in. 10:30am and the lines where already snaking its way up inside. Yes, that early, expect a crazy long line already. We waited for about 45mins. Video were constantly playing on the screens on the wall while on queue so you won’t get that bored and instead heightens up your anticipation. Carry along your patience as IT WAS ALL WORTH IT. It was incredibly thrilling and exciting to be part of the freedom fighter in the world of Transformers. Everything’s so real, like you’re exactly in the movie itself. Tilting, halting, water splashing and even heat effects are on point! The 3D experience was a blast with the cool car you get to ride on. If you ever get the chance, go for the front seats! You’re welcome J 

DON’T CLOSE YOUR EYES or you’ll be missing the experience. BE SURE TO TRY THIS RIDE or else your USS trip won’t be complete. The long queue might be discouraging but just make sure to get there first thing when you arrive so you at least get the shortest possible line for that day. 

#2 Revenge of the Mummy

This was my most favorite ride when I haven’t yet tried Transformers. And luckily, we were able to do it twice that day! :)

This is an indoor high-speed roller coaster which will lead you in a dark alley along the ride. Be sure to leave your belongings at the locker (free for the first 30 mins.) just beside the entrance. Added excitement is the long way going to the ride. With the dark music playing and the lights dimmed, some people even back out in the middle of the way. Don’t mind them you would just regret not trying this thrilling ride. But if you are afraid of the dark, ok, maybe this ride is not for you. Surprises are in store so I won’t go into details as it’s for you to find out J You can’t see much of where you’re going so that’s the best part of this ride, you won’t know when the great drop (or drops? J ) is. Just some spoiler alert or insider tip: be sure to smile or ready your wacky face when it gets to the part where the ceiling starts to get on fire as the photo is taken sometime here.

#3 Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure

Be prepared to get soaked. As for me, I got really dripping wet. I don’t have an extra shirt so I walked along the park with a shirt and hair dripping wet. Whatever, no one knows me anyway. Haha! Honestly, the ride was a bit boring but it gets a bit exciting on the end part as you just hope and wish that you’re on the right part of the boat. Nevertheless, Park Rapids Adventure is still one of the rides you shouldn’t forget to try while at USS. Ponchos (cheap plastic raincoat) are sold in the entrance for $3. But what I can suggest is just forget the poncho and enjoy what’s in store for you. Just leave your valuables in the lockers as they may just get wet. Large drying pods (could fit 4-5 persons) are available outside for a fee of $5.

#4 Waterworld

If you want to get drench, go seat at the blue and green seats! J This action packed show is full of amazing water and aerial stunts that will leave you in awe. Be mindful of the schedule and come early if you want to be seated. I don’t know how they get to repeat that set and show for more than twice on a day with all that effects and huge props. Definitely don’t miss this show!

#5 Lights, Camera, Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg

Be in awe with the really super amazing special effects this attraction offers. You get to experience on how it’s like to be on the set of Steven Spielberg. The type 5 hurricane experience is the best, be on the front part so you get to see what will happen face to face. It’s totally hot! J
Canopy Flyer: I haven't tried this yet. Lines are always long so I guess this is a good one, too. It looks like a cable car that could maybe give you an aerial view of the Jurassic Park Zone.

Watch out for :

Battlestar Galactica
 This was under renovation as of writing. From what I've read on sites online, this popular attraction is set to open early 2015. While we are there on the park, test cycles were done for both trains so I guess it's true they are already on their way to the finishing stage and probably just waiting for re-certification before the ride finally opens again.

Puss in Boots' Giant Journey
This is the Universal Studios Singapore's unique (aka "World Premiere") attraction which uses a ride system by Zamperla. It has a custom track layout, all-new props and scenic elements, and specially designed ride vehicles. Shaped like wagons that fly un th eFar Far Away univers, the suspendedride vehicles ascend from the spiral lift hill and fly out of the tower. the ride vehicles are themes to characters in the "Puss in Boots" films. Source  

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