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How to enjoy Gardens by the Bay at night and a sample 4D3n SG intinerary

After 2yrs, I was able to set my feet back in Singapore. This time, with my friends. Woot! Fortunately, one of my friends has a tito living in SG that made us stay for free. Yay for free accomodations! :) One of our friend is also currently staying at Singapore to hel her sister recover from leg injurjy, so we were also able meet up with her. Instant reunion! haha! Talk about right timing. :)

I was, again, the one in charge of our itinerary. I didn't include the zoo spots as it was far from our place and 3 and 1/2 days would not be sufficient.  But here's the original itinerary I made that, as expected, was not the route we did in reality. haha! But anyway, what's important is we had fun! Itineraries are just made as a guide, and there's a lot of things that get out of your hand so half the trip, we just go with the flow :)
Here's our itinerary:

Upon arrival and after passing immigration, we first claimed the portable wifi router we will rent for 4 days at Changi Recommends (see review here) then took the taxi to Simei. Train is also an easy way to get to your hotel but if you're destination is just near the airport or you're a big group, taking a taxi would be more convenient. Taxi rates vary (blue and yellow cabs has a lower flag down rate) and also added charges if you're coming from the airport and/or traveling from 10pm-6am.

On my last visit in 2012, Gardens by the Bay was still inexistent. So for our first night, we decided to go first to Gardens by the Bay. From Simei, we rode the train, made an exchange then alight at Bayfront station. Take Exit B and after going through the underground linkway, you will see the bridge going into the garden. We arrived late for the light show but just in time to catch 3-4 songs before it ended.

There are a lot of areas to stand at while watching the show. But I highly recommend being on the ground level. Secure a spot on those cement bordering each of the Supertrees in the middle.

photo grabbed from Wikipedia

See that part on the picture above where the people are sitting under the tree? Yes that's it! Go lay down there when the show starts. Perfect place to savor the moment watching the lights dancing to the beat of the music. Crazy good! :)

The bridge is a good spot to take a photo of the Marina Bay Sands!
After the Gardens we were supposed to walk towards Marina Bay and watch the Wonder Full Light and Water Show but then we were kinda lost when we went inside the huge mall which I think is called The Shoppes so we weren't able to catch it. We were even supposed to walk towards the Merlion but then we already got super tired as we ended up traversing the whole stretch of the mall while in the first place we should have just walked outside. haha! WTH.

So we ended up sitting along the bay, screw the plan. We just enjoyed the cool breeze and the city lights.
We just stared at the Merlion from afar cause were just too tired to walk farther. So my only tip, is don't go inside that mall. haha! Just ask straight for the directions. We could have possibly finished our plan for that night only if we didn't get "lost" inside the mall. 

For our second day, we went to USS and SEA Aquarium then had dinner at Din Tai Fung.

Garden Rhapsody

Every evening at 7:45 PM and 8:45 PM , *9:30 PM
*On Fridays, Saturdays, Eve of Public Holidays and Public Holidays

Marina Bay's Wonder Full Light & Water Show

Sunday - Thursday: 8:00pm, 9:30pm
Friday & Saturday: 8:00pm, 9:30pm, 11:00pm

Events Plaza at The Promenade

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