Sunday, February 1, 2015

A night with Michael Bublè in Manila

Last night, I bet Mama just scratched out one thing off from her bucket list (if ever she had one). She had been telling me over and over in the past that if ever Bublè will do a show in Manila, may it be in a hotel or a big dome concert, she won't definitely let it pass without seeing it. The Canadian singer-songwriter, Michael Bublè, who definitely has a voice as smooth as a butter (what a comparison, sorry. Haha!), came to Manila for a one night concert as part of his 2015 Asia tour. As a superstar crooner and four time Grammy award winning artist, Michael Bublè had surely captivated a lot of Filipinos. But even before he wasn't this big, he had already established a following in the Philippines. As a proof to that, he even personally shared last night on how the Filipinos were the ones who believed in his talent. His manager said ver since back in 2000s, he had already started a following in the Philippines. Personally, I started to love his craft from the moment I heard his song "Everything". Well, it was everything. :) I thought I was just an outlier in the mass as I thought older people are generally the ones who love his songs. Then as I was browsing through the net and from what I've personally seen from the crowd in MOA Arena last night, I'm not the only one :)



After more than 10 years since he was in the Philippines, Michael Bublè is back in Manila for his one night only concert in MOA Arena. His audience was a mix of couples and women in their 40s and up. This has also been a family affair for some. We went onside the arena around 7pm and there are already a lot of people entering the gates. Before I went to our seats, I first had my caffeine fix as my eyes are seriously trying to close already. Starbucks inside the arena had a crazy line that night. After almost an hour of lining up, I had my order and went fast to our seats just in time for the front act. Naturally 7, an acapella group, got to first perform for the crowd. They did a number of songs and some vocal acrobatics or "wordplay". They were undeniably good in hyping up the crowd. Being an acapella group, they reminded me of Pentatonix (if you don't know them, I pity you. Haha.). Can just somebody please bring them to Manila? Calling all producers, you're definitely missing this.



Past 9pm, the moment that all have been waiting for, familiar intro music started playing. The stage literally fired up in the start which, I may say, is perfect for opening the show to Bublè singing "Fever". And 2hours of lovely music filled the arena. His set list was perfect. "Everything", "Home" and "Haven't met you yet" are still my favorites and it just gets better hearing it live. He also did some pop songs like "Everybody" and "Don't stop believing".  In between, his witty and funny side showed up with the intros he made. Even some sexual innuendos were also thrown here and there. Haha! He also got some smooth moves sliding and swaying as he performed his songs. 


Team Bublè





2hrs just passed by that fast. It's easy to get in the zone and just cherish the moment hearing his voice live. He's also good in making his audience feel special, nice to have that feeling that the nigh pt has all been worth it. The "last song" he did was "All we need is love" with heart shaped confetti blown up all over the place. That was one of the highlights of that night for me. It was just some proper moment right there. 


And also, may I just say, I love the production design with all that lovely videos and effects. They did an excellent job in there. Love it! 

For his encore, he did 3 songs;"Cry me a river", "Save the last dance for me" and a "Song for you" which he sang, for the last part, without a microphone. 

I'm not good in describing concert experience but one thing I'm sure of is I'm glad I' didn't let this pass. It's much more fulfilling to hear him live, his voice sways like the wind. It was such a great night of feel good music and swoon-worthy songs. With his wit and charm, no wonder he got a sold out concert for the night. This just shows that he always have a space here in the Philippines and he should be back the soonest. Thank you Michael Bublè, for throwing that great party/show of yours. All worth it.. 

We booked a night at Tune Hotel, Aseana City so we could already rest and avoid the post concert traffic jam.

First two photos not mine. 
Crappy photos all mine. :)

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