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Hotel Review: Tune Hotel, Aseana City

For the one night, we decided to stay at Tune Hotel at Aseana City for convenience as we will be watching Michael Buble's concert at MOA Arena. 
Tune Hotel is a chain of budget hotel which has branches around the world. They has this limited service concept where they able to lower cost by removing costly hotel extras that guests generally don't use. Theyhave branches across Asia and also in UK. Tune hotels is headed by their group CEO Mark Lankester, who some may know as one of the Advisor in Apprentice Asia. He had worked with and known Tony Fernandes of Air Asia for some time now which I think was also the reason of the rsemblance of the hotel's color scheme (red and white) to Air Asia.

I arrived at the hotel before 2pm and was able to check in immediately. It also seems to be a popular choice for backpackers and foreigners as I've seen pairs and groups in the lobby when I checked in. Being a budget hotel near the airport and Mall of Asia, it's strategic location is hard to miss. I like how the red and white color scheme looks neat and clean. The interiors are very plain and simple that makes the place look very inviting and accomodating for budget travellers. 

Cute doodle wall behind the front desk

Basically what Tune hotel aims to provide.

The lobby was spacious and well lighted. Rows of seats near the entrance are available for guests to seat in while they wait. There's also a row of desktop computers available in the lobby that you could freely use. 

Checking in was fast. Provide your valid ID and sign a form with your name and contact details then your room access card will now be given to you. Free wifi was also given (username is your room no. and password is your surname). 

Tune hotel has 10 floors --. Our room was on the 5th floor, rm 522, a deluxe room. With 2 single beds. True to their limited service concept, room only provides the most basic needs of their guest. A bed, a bathroom and a space just enough for you to walk on. :) For my first impression as I entered our room? Small. It reminded me of the room we stayed at in Singapore which has just enough space for one to walk. Luggage should be put aside the wall or else the room's gonna be a maze for you. Haha! But aside from that, rooms were fresh and clean. But they are fairly new in the area so we still yet to know if they would be consistent as time pass.

View from the 5th floor

 Toiletries provided was a soap and shampoo, and ofcourse a towel. Infairness to their bathroom, it's not too cramped up like other budget hotels. Shower area and toilet is separated with a transparent glass. Tissue paper and duvet is also available for your number 2 needs. :) 

Hairdryer. I don't think most guests use this, they should have just excluded did. Don't you think?

Bed was soft and comfy. 
There's only one bedside table though a foldable one mounted on the wall on the side of the bed could be pulled down as a desk. 

Flat TV was mounted up in the wall which provides a good perspective point while watching in bed. Pointed that out because I can remember one hotel I've stayed in that had their tv placed exactly in front of the foot of your bed. Labo.

Power sockets are near the bed side perfect for charging your electronic devices. A safebox can also be found below the bedside table. One thing I noticed though is that no phone is available in the room but then I found this phone near the elevator. So I guess convenience has also been limited. Maybe they promote health wellness so you could do some walking down the front desk in case you have questions. Uh, ok.

I found this phone beside the elevator in case you need assistance. Uh, ok.

A large ceiling fan is amusingly installed in the room above the beds. You could switch off the aircon and just turn on the fan if it already gets cold. Let's help save more energy. Why not?

For your meals, you may go down to Cafè 1700 which is open 24hours. They offer a variety of affordable meals that covers different cuisines. For room services, they charge Php 50 and you may contact them through the cellphone number provided. Pizza Hut, Chowking and Jollibee is a few steps away from the hotel. Walking a bit farther, you will see Mcdo and Greenwich just in front DFA.

Menu of Cafè 1700

Spa and tour services

Overall, it's a budget hotel that aims to provide the most basic needs for travellere. If you're the type who just needs a place to rest and freshen up for the next day, this is the perfect place for you. Clean, neat and comfortable. It would have been better if they provide free shuttle going to MOA as even though it's akready in the area it's still quite far as you would be walking past a highway and you know how Manila heats up on most of the days.

I checked out their website and saw that they have this option for add-ons (wifi, toiletries, aircon, etc.)  where they charge you additional fee. So better if you just book your room in sites like Agoda or Asiatravel as the rates there already have this add ons included and in a lower rate.

How to get to Tune Hotels, Aseana City?
-In case the taxi driver's not familiar with it, just tell them it's near DFA Macapagal or S&R Macapagal. 
Yellow cabs from Mall of Asia going to Baclaran also pass here, just ask them to be sure you're riding the right one.

Address :
Tune Hotel - Aseana City
Lot 38 Block 2, Bradco Avenue,
Aseana City, Paranaque City 1700,

25-30minute walk from Mall of Asia
10-15 minute walk from Baclaran Redmptorist Church


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