Saturday, December 31, 2011

Graham Choco Tart

 I finally had the time to give my "baking skills" (though no oven required on this) a 2nd try. haha! I already tried doing this last Christmas but I failed on some part. Though my mom and friends said it's still good. So proud naman daw ako? Lol. I was supposed to make a Sansrival Graham cake that day but we already had a cake for Noche Buena so I just tried to search other easy Graham recipes on the net. And this seems to be the easiest.

 Choco Mousse Tart

On my first try, I mistakenly used condensed milk instead of butter. So remember to double check the instructions if you're hopeless in cooking like me.

1st step:
MIX 8 pcs choco/honey Graham crackers (CRUSHED) + 3 tbsp. MELTED BUTTER or margarine.
Press the mix on the tart mold. Then CHILL it for 10 mins.

2nd step:
MELT 18 choco pcs. (flat tops) in a pan over low heat. Then brush some of the melted choco on to the base. Then chill it again for 10 mins. Then pop it out after and put it on those paper cups. (Don't melt Choco-Choco with flat tops. I ran out of flat tops so I tried it and the melted choco dried out quickly. IDK if there's a connection with it. Lol. You may just mix in those choco bars stuck in your fridge (those dark ones had been in our fridge for more than 6 months already. haha.).

3rd step:
MOUSSE - Mix the remaining melted choco with 1/4 cup all purpose cream. I didn't really measured the all purpose cream but I think it still turned out  right. What's is important is to make it look like an icing.


It looked plain so I crushed some cashew nuts and sprinkled it on top. May potential na ba ako? haha.

The base turned out to be grainy. It didn't hardened (or kahit sticky man lang). And I don't know why. =[  I'm even more satisfied with the condensed milk + crackers (which is just too sticky to pop out from the mold). Pero at least today I can already pop it out without deforming it. hehe. Maybe I'll try doing condensed milk and crackers again next time but I'll brush on some melted butter on the mold first. whatchathink? Help, anyone?

Disclaimer: I just got this recipe here. Just check it out if I don't seem credible enough. hehe

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