Monday, December 19, 2011

Something “Berry” Globe!

 It’s the time of the month again, where we all just think splurging is not bad as it seems. (yea! Screw that. I’ve already been burning my wallet for these past few weeks! lol.) You know, the usual “Christmas naman eh…” line whenever you think twice in buying that things you’ve been eyeing on for some time now. haha! Plus, it’s even fun to go on Christmas bazaars and be dazzled on everything affordable just to realize you’ve already exceeded your budget buying all those mark down priced items and cute stuffs!

And now *inserts* the awesome Globe Blackberry Christmas Offer. hehe. 

I’ve been with Globe for so many years now and I’ve always been enticed by all their awesome promos. I still remember the days when they still got that “IMMORTAL” promo (which eventually didn’t last). Super love that! =] I think, they are even the first one who offered the UNLI promo (if not, still they got the best deal, diba? And I love Globe more than ever because of our UST sim where texting only costs P.50! oh yes, that’s Globe! So moving on. Globe is offering this Christmas season another attractive offer. Though I have never tried yet subscribing on their postpaid plans, I think these BlackBerry offer they got is something bargain hunters like me would like! They have four handsets to choose from and four UnliSurf Combo Plans to pick from. I’ll just push on 3 of the 5 taglines so I won’t sound too overly excited here. haha!

Something Free
- oh yes. the word that tingles our ears! haha! You can own a BlackBerry Curve 8520 for FREE at PLAN 599. u-huh! see, read that? PLUS it comes with unlimited mobile surfing! Perfect for those who can’t get off the net! Definitely a good deal. (More free phones you can have are: BB Curve 3G 9300 @ Plan 999/ BB Curve 9360 @ Plan 1799/ BB Bold 9780 @ Plan 9780)

Something Affordable
‘nuff said. It suits within the budget in varying levels. You can find something affordable that would be perfect on your budget and convenience. If you even get Plan 1799 and up, you can have a freebie of your choice. Plus a consumable amount of load. Practical indeed. You won’t ever think of BlackBerry as too expensive, ever again.

Something Exciting
I had yet to own a BB. But of course, anything NEW is EXCITING. right? It’s exciting to click-clack on that QWERTY keypad and get the hang of it in time (most especially when you got chunky fingers). It’s more exciting with all the BB apps you can get and try on the App World, whether it be paid or free. And it’s even more exciting to hop in the club of BBM. Anything that gets you easily connected to people is exciting. =]

Their promo only runs from December 1 to 31, 2011. Just in time for the Christmas season! And for the love of BlackBerry! =]

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